New at Sephora: Tarina Tarantino Beauty

11 March, 2010

This is one that certainly appeals to me, being a lover of pink and bling and all that good stuff-and the thing that surprised me? The line was done in a way that still makes it very upmarket, as opposed to looking like cheapo kiddie makeup that you’d get in one of those Beauty Craptacular sets. I know not all Sephoras are carrying it-the one at my mall is not-but the huge one downtown Seattle is (then again, they get more stuff…they have Illamasqua).

First up, for the eyes, there are the Hypershadows. These claim to not only be loaded with pigments, but the fill weight is decent (.09 ounce). The range of 24 shades has a little something for everybody-neutrals, brights, a few pastels, and then a couple darker shades. At $19 each, these are a great value, plus each compact features 26 hand-set crystals. Now we’re talking.

Also in eyeshadows, there are the Magic Hour Cream shadows, which also retail for $19 and come in three shades-a gold, a purple, and a black. They’re designed to be like MAC’s Paint Pots, in which you can either wear them alone or wear them as a shadow base.

There is one eyeliner so far-the Eye Dream Hyperliner. There is quite the range of shades in this, from whites and pale pinks to blues and greens to the ubiquitous blacks. I would have liked to see more purple shades, but that may be asking a little too much:) They retail for $17 each, which isn’t too bad of a deal either.

Mascara-wise, there is one option as well: Fleur de Lash, a big-brush volumizing mascara. For $19, I’ll stick with my Coup de Theatre, thank you.Lip-wise, there are two main options. The first one is the Conditioning Lip Sheen, which is flavour-free and satiny, designed to be used with glosses. I, personally, have outgrown glosses, but I always am willing to give new ones a try. The shade range is nice, with a couple brights, but I can’t expect MAC-like selection from a smaller brand. The retail is $22, which is along the lines of a lipstick from a prestige brand, so not bad at all. Then there’s the paraben-free Gem Gloss, which has a good range of shades as well…namely Carousel, Fuschia Revolution, Lacquer, Neon Vanity, and Nouveau. They retail for $19 each, again along the lines of many prestige glosses, and since I am used to paying $18 for a Dazzleglass an extra dollar won’t hurt, will it?

Face-wise, you have two main options, plus a multi-use product. The Pearl Glow Primer features pearl powder as well as light-reflecting pigments that are designed to not only brighten the complexion, but protect from sun damage and reduce pigmentation as well. We’re not talking about a fairness cream, just something to even things out. I haven’t gotten into face primers yet, namely cause I don’t really use foundation, so the $32 retail price is kinda foreign to me. I would admittedly probably go for the Napoleon Perdis options, though, but this still looks nice. Then for a pressed powder, there’s the $32 Dollskin powder (in a compact with hand-set crystals). There isn’t too heavy of a shade range, but there is a translucent powder as well as Peridot, which is a colour-correcting powder designed to alleviate redness.

The third item is the Sparklicity Pure, which is a fine-milled shimmer dust that is more about light refraction than a ton of gaudiness. Sign me up. NOW. It retails for $19, and yes there is only the one shade but it works for everything.

The lone blusher option is Dollskin Cheek, in the same sort of jeweled compact. You do get .2 ounces of blusher, and it claims to be buildable and crease-free. The five shades are all shades that anyone could wear-mostly pinks, but a peach and a toffee thrown in for good measure. At $25, it seems quite reasonable to me. I do wear a lot of blusher, so the large compact is a great thing.

For the body, there is the Sparklicity Shimmer Dust, a shimmer spray with atomizer (eeee!) which is apparently made from an Italian formula that delivers pure shimmer, without any bases or binders. It’s $39 for the bottle but because there are no binders, I imagine that it would last for quite awhile.

The nice thing? There are brushes that go along with it, and they’re PINK! There is the Kapinki, which is their version of a kabuki brush, retailing for $38, and then there is the $69 Fuschia Revolution brush set. It’s a good, core set of five brushes-a synthetic face powder brush, and then equivalents to MAC’s 212 (flat eyeliner brush), 219 (pencil eyeliner brush), 224 (blending), and 239 (shadow applicator brush). They also come in a nice, non-gaudy looking case, always a plus.

Finally, because it is Tarina Tarantino, you have to have accessories. Sadly there isn’t as much as I’d like, but there’s a $30 stretch beaded bracelet and then a $30 tulle flower clip. 

Overall, I feel this collection has a little something for everyone-and the reviews I’ve read are nothing but positive!


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