Essie Resort 2010

11 March, 2010

You have been warned: if you like blueish shades, set the money aside. NOW.

Every year, Essie does quite a few collections in the spring. There’s the main spring, there’s the bridal collection (berk), and then there’s the resort. Last year, I suppose it could have been the triad of Shelter Island/Sag Harbour/Greenport (I only have SH but desperately want the other two), and this year? Well let me just first post the link from Laquermanic:

The four shades in this are, as follows:
Lapis of Luxury, an “ocean blue”
Splash of Grenadine, a magenta-toned pink
Playa del Platinum, a sheer “sandy grey”
Turquoise & Caicos, a “tropical aqua”

Now, I don’t know about you, but I am feeling all of these EXCEPT Playa del Platinum. The collection is slated for a May release, which is right before my birthday-maybe a good way to break the no-buy? Then again, I am also looking at trying to drag out the no-buy til I get all of my polishes used at least once on my spreadsheet. That would be 104 polishes, meaning that I would be on a no-buy until…June 24th if I just did one colour per day on my fingers. Of course. This, coupled with OPI’s Shrek collection and the upcoming China Glaze Pool Party, means that lasting til my birthday is the main objective.


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