The Great No-Buy, Days 18-20

9 March, 2010

Well, I have changed this from being a Lenten no-buy to a general no-buy, because this baby is going to have to go on longer than Lent. Why, you may ask? Well…I’m several hundred dollars overdrawn from my bank account. What happened was when I put my tax refund stuff in, I chose to get direct deposit, as I always do. Well…my dad told me that I got a check today with my refund, and sure enough, I also got a letter from the IRS saying that the bank refused the DD! Not only is that bad news as I’ll have overdraft fees out my butt, but it basically means that I am on a total no-buy, beauty wise. I would love to get some of the MAC Liberty of London items, but they will have to wait. I also need to get a new one of Crystal Avalanche, but again, that will have to wait as well. I am extremely limited on my work spending, and as far as taking lunches, that’s the only option. I had said it time and time again, but it makes it easier when you have stuff to take.

Of course, when you know that you’re pretty damn far in the hole then it just makes spending any money that less appealing. I am going to try doing something this week: I will be leaving my debit card at home. No sodas before/during work, no froyo, no spending on payday or the Saturday night obligatory spend, none of that. Whether or not I actually make it until Sunday, that remains to be seen. It will also be good, because it will force my boyfriend and I to try and do fun things indoors (get your minds out of the gutters) because it is going to be rainy, without calling for pizza or any of that stuff.

In the meantime, I am looking at selling stuff. Clothes that I know I won’t wear again, I’m going to try and take to a clothing reseller. Books that I know I won’t read again will go to the local Half Price Books, where hopefully I can get $20 for a box of books. Other stuff? Since garage sales are out of the question, the thrift store may be the only option.


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