The Great Lenten No-Buy, Days 15-17

5 March, 2010

Sorry for the infrequency, however I did not have computer access most of yesterday!

Anyways, I have found that the marbling tool that I got is a handy way to keep myself entertained. Not only can I have fun doing the designs, but I also can pull colours into rotation that I haven’t worn in ages. I’m still admittedly working my way through the holos that I got, but I am most of the way done (yay). I am down under 10 untrieds total-and when I say “untrieds”, I mean untried as a mani. I am, for all intensive purposes, counting the 19 colours that I used in my marble mani for Wednesday, but I don’t count colours that I have just used on my toes.

The temptation for a huge haul has kind of gone down. Sure, China Glaze’s Poolside collection (more neons) is coming out in April, but with my hours being kind of skimpy I have more important things to worry about.


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