Review: Jean Paul Gaultier “Ma Dame” Eau Fraiche

5 March, 2010

As a perfume lover, the perfume area at the local TJ Maxx always calls out to me, and after having loved a little sample of this that I got last summer, I knew that when I saw the familiar white box I had to get it. To my dismay at that moment, it was the eau fraiche. The main difference between an eau fraiche and an EDT is that the eau fraiche has no alcohol in it, so they typically are summer fragrances as they tend to be lighter. But still, at $24 for a 3.4 ounce bottle, I said “What the heck?”.

The fragrance itself is a mature fruity scent-definitely with some orange and grapefruit notes, but I also get some grenadine in there as well. It’s not one that is going to make anyone think you’ve raided a section of kiddy perfumes, but it will make people think you are younger. It is a smidge woody on the drydown, but not terribly so as this is a summer fragrance.

Now, when I go perfumes I prefer to go for the EDP if possible because I need the strength. However…I have found that two sprays of this will last four hours on me! In a way, I think that the lighter composition actually works well on me. I have not tried the EDP version of this yet, which is a totally different composition. The one thing is that this is much less concentrated, but there are always some tradeoffs.

Bottom line: If you like fruity scents, this is for you. Be it the original, this, or one of the other iterations, this is a must-have. It’s not floral like an Escada one, and it’s not overly sweet-the tartness of the grapefruit and orange is very appreciated.


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