The Great Lenten No-Buy: Days 13/14

3 March, 2010

Today, I made a purchase that some may consider cheating on the NP no-buy, but it was something that wasn’t actually polish, and was an essential towards my Alice nails: the Essence nail styler. It’s only $2 at Ulta (I will be doing a report on the Essence line in the next day or so), and it’s basically a little ballpoint that you can use for marbling, flowers, polkadots, and so forth. It’s quite the handy little thing, and I had a return to do anyway so technically, I wasn’t spending any money. I did, though, end up making a couple tiny purchases (non-NP wise) but besides that, I was in the clear.

It’s almost been two weeks, but admittedly I haven’t done much as far as the bad habits go. I haven’t really gotten organized, I haven’t stopped pining for certain colours, and I just haven’t changed. I still have a good 4.5-5 weeks to go, though, so here’s hoping.


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