MAC Too Fabulous Now Online

3 March, 2010

Yet another in the deluge of capsule collections that are seemingly hitting weekly (and we have Liberty of London coming next week), this one is about two things: lips and cheeks. Not as much into the Cremesheen glasses, but gimme the Mineralize blush duos! Many hate the MB’s, but honestly, I am huge into the mineralized blushes. Not only do I love the sheen, but they’re also good for those who want to ease into colour on the cheeks. I credit Love Rock for getting me into other similar blushers.

Cremesheen Glass: $18
Fashion Scoop-Clear Pink (repromote)
Richer, Lusher-Pink coral
Deelight-Midtone neutral
Just Superb-Dirty neutral pink
Over Indulgence-Neutral brown
Loud & Lovely-Blue pink (the one I would get, if I were to get any)
Double Dare-Coral red

Lip Pencil: $13
Boldly Bare-Dirty red brown
Mouth Off-Deep peach coral
Trimmed in Pink-Bright blue pink
Chestnut-Intense brown (Permanent)
Naked Liner-Light neutral
In Synch-Bright yellow pink

Mineralize Blush Duos: $23 (they last forever, though)
Two Virtures-Light blue pink/light violet
Rhapsody in Two-Light pale pink/Pale peach
Chic Couple-Light yellow brown/Dark peach
Bi-Tone-Rose pink/Copper bronze
Buddy Up-Dirty Rose/Neutral yellow pink
Sun & Moon-Neutral brown/pink brown

I am interested in trying the blushes, even though they aren’t anything I particularly NEED. I did recently buy Full Fuschia, after all…


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