The Great Lenten No-Buy, Days 11/12

28 February, 2010

So this paycheck, things are TIGHT. I think this is the first real one where I’ve had to man up and pay stuff that is, in a way, equatable to bills. Consequently, between that, a huge purchase at my store, and a huge MAC purchase, I am down VERY far. That means that in addition to the nail polish, I have to put myself on a total spending freeze: aside from essentials for Thursday night (attending a midnight showing of Alice in Wonderland), no other spending. Period. I can stay tough and ride it out, because this week is a slower one. But next week, with more pre-paycheck shifts, it ain’t so easy.

In a way, I did put money towards good stuff. I did buy a couple things for Graham, and I had to renew my antivirus software subscription. I also had to renew my bus pass and I got a few kitchen things as well-one of my goals of the no-buy was to spend money that would have gone towards nail polish on kitchen stuff. I see it, in a way, as saving for the future because that’s money saved then. I am in love with Joie products, and actually almost got the little Piggy Wiggy frying pan at TJ Maxx today. Yesterday, though, I got the Eggy Bakey mini spatula set as well as the Eggy pan set, which has the little frying pan and a L’il Flip spatula, and then a garlic crusher that matches the kitchen stuff I got for Christmas. Man, was the TJ Maxx stocked! They had a 17-piece set that had some dupes of what she got me, but different stuff as well, for $25. They also had mixing bowls for $15, a colander, can openers…a lot of stuff I can actually use.

But it was hard, because in our shopping excursions we had to go to a beauty supply store which I will leave unnamed. The hard part? They had a ton of great China Glaze polishes on clearance. The harder part? They were all additional 50% off. Hardest? Being on a no-buy. Luckily I had my friend Emily with me, who knows full well that I am in nobuy mode.

Although I did use my ULTA coupon, and got a jumbo can of Sexy Hair’s Spray & Play Harder…for free. They have some cans with 40% more for the same price, so figure use my coupon and get that!


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