Some New MAC Stuff I’ve Bought

27 February, 2010

So as of late, due to being on the polish no-buy but also wanting to expand my makeup collection more, I’ve gotten some great things at MAC as of late. I thought I’d share some with you, too:)

Florida (Cremeblend blush): This is a gorgeous product. While the intense fuschia may be off-putting, it is in reality a very easy-to-work-with product, as it can be sheered out with the greatest of ease. It also is really good for the lips, as you can get a nice stained effect. It’s definitely one that I highly recommend-and I’m planning on getting Optimistic Orange in the near future as well.

Sunnyspot (Eyeshadow): This is one I had high hopes for, and what a friggin’ letdown. It takes a lot of work to get right, just like Bitter and Pagan and other similarly-coloured eyeshadows. This brush requires something like the 228 or 231, because you really have to pack the colour in. Once you do, though, it’s nice-but still sheer: it didn’t even show up over Chartru paint.

Electric Fuschia (lipglass): This is one of the early sellouts from the Colour Forecast collection and honestly, I was a smidge let down. I hoped for a super-pigmented gloss along the lines of a fuschia version of Shine Manish, but nope. It’s definitely one that is best for layering. I love the blue sparkle in it, and I bought two at that time, sight unseen. In a way, I wish I hadn’t, but it’s still good for what it is.

Kumquat (lipglass): Again, like Electric Fuschia, it’s mainly good for layering. If you want a hint of an orange-y shade, this is the perfect one to get you onto them, as alone it just offers a hint of colour. I haven’t tried it layered, yet, but I have plenty that it would work over.Full Fuschia (blush): Make no mistakes, this is not for the faint of heart. You have to love brights in order to use this, although it could make a good shadow in a pinch. This is one, though, that I absolutely love, because I love my blushes to be so bright that you can fry an egg with them. Okay, well not THAT bright…but still, atomic-level brightness. This is one that I see myself using a lot because it does make an impact, and with the right brushes and techniques, it is sheerable.

Metal Maven (lipstick): I can honestly say that when I was in the 6th/7th grades, I used Wet/Wild’s silver lipsticks a lot. I mean, for under $2 I got an occasional makeup treat, and it was fun doing the quirky colours. I even did blues and vampies. Now, though, this is more sophisticated. This is a pale, almost bleached silver, think putting Silver Fog in lipstick form. Pigmentation is decent, but not supremely so. This is definitely a lipstick that most people would want to layer, but I am doing it today plain. That’s right, just the silver.

Stacked 1! (Crush Metal Pigments): I got the very last one of these that my MAC store had, and honestly, I don’t see why I waited. The main reason, admittedly, was that I rarely touch any of my pigments, but I love pinks and purples-and these deliver! The intensity is certainly there, and the ease of use is as well. I do like that it’s in two separate two-stacks, which is a lot more portable for me. I may end up keeping these in their box because I know I would probably break them otherwise. If you can track these down, I definitely suggest doing so soon.

Also as an FYI, there have been a few price increases. I know for sure that both the 4-pan and 15-pan empty palettes have gone up (the 4-pan is $5 now), but dunno what else.


2 Responses to “Some New MAC Stuff I’ve Bought”

  1. Sylvie Says:

    Ah. I thought I wanted Kumquat at first, but now that you say it’s mainly good for layering, I guess it’s not really that opaque and so I think I won’t be getting it anymore. Thanks for the mini review!

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