The Great Lenten No-Buy, Days 7/8

24 February, 2010

So I am thinking, it’s going to be pretty doggone easy sticking to my nobuy. Why? My order of China Glazes came! I will do a separate post on them, but it’s still 17 polishes to get through. With all the untrieds I have, I could get at least to St. Patty’s Day and then be at the point of having no untrieds.

Part of this was designed to pull colours back into the rotation, and I’ve honestly been trying hard. I used Essie’s Bordeaux the other day for the first time in ages, although I topped it with a little of DS Reflection. I used Formal Affair for only the second time, and it’s quite the misleading colour. However…I am loving the OMG’s. Right now I am wearing QT, and I love it. Two coats to total opacity, and it’s a dark pink, almost purple colour. The main difference between the OMG’s and Kaleidoscopes, if you were wondering, is that the Kaleidoscopes are a chunkier sort of shimmer, while the OMG’s are very fine. It’s almost as if they added more shimmer, ground it up as tiny as it can go, and then presented it. The Kaleidoscopes? The appearance is that of something more glittery. The OMG’s, also, are more glowy-they just seem to jump off the nails.

One of the coming things to do, though, is create a storage system for all my polish. I’m thinking of a wall-mounted cabinet, and I could probably go to the local lumber store and get something made for cheap that can hold my polishes. Ideally, one would be able to hold a good 200+, as I am at 174 unique bottles. I also need a solution for all my backups-with at least 5 OPI colours having backups, and multiple China Glaze and Essies as well.

So far? So good. Just about a month more to go, and it will be good.


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