MAC Tabloid Beauty

23 February, 2010

So this isn’t really a new collection, per se-just a repromote of items that are already out, with special boxes inspired by the tabloids. This is all about items that have amazingly true claims about them, but nothing particularly new.

Penultimate Eyeliner: Promises up to 12 hours of wear with the greatest of ease! ($16.50)

Plush Lash: Provides over 100% increases in both volume and curl in clinical tests! ($13)

Pro Longwear Lustre: Provides up to 8 hours of transfer-free wear! ($21)
Lishious-Soft peach with gold pearl (Lustre)
Jazz-Y-Razz-Dirty soft plum with pearl (Lustre)
Boss Brown-Chocolate bronze with pearl (Lustre)
Night Rose-Rich plum with gold pearl (Lustre)
Betwixt-Rich copper red with pearl (Lustre)
Sappho-Fine wine (Lustre)

Pro Longwear: 8 hours of transfer-free wear! ($21)
Durashell-Soft pink with gold pearl (Frost)
Loyal-Warmed beige brown (Cream)
Passion Preserved-Subdued brick red (Cream)
Commitment-Rich reddened brown (Frost)
Clingpeach-Shimmering peach (Frost)
For Keeps-Rose plum with iridescence (Frost)
Perennial Rose-Dusty pink with gold pearl (Frost)
Lasting Lust-Smoldering red (Cream)
Stuck On You-Berry red with gold pearl (Frost)
Unchanging-Soft neutral lilac pink (Cream)

Prep & Prime Line Filler: Clinical tests have shown improvements in not only the appearance of lines and wrinkles, but increased firmness and lifting as well! (19.50)
This is a sheer, matte cream designed to go on under ALL (including foundation-skincare before makeup, remember) makeup that helps to soften and give a plumped-out appearance to lines and wrinkles. Definitely a must for me, as I love having a Botoxed look.

Prep & Prime Skin Refined Zone: Helps reduce the appearance of pores! ($19.50)
This is designed to help temper down the “golf-ball” effect that skin can sometimes have, as well as control shine and oil on the surface of the skin. Fairly simple, to me at least.

Now, I’ve been wanting to get the Line Filler for awhile now, and I might just do that, even though it admittedly isn’t the most necessary for me right now. I’m focused on getting a couple of brushes, as I have only a few full-size MAC brushes. Everything else though…don’t need it.


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