The Great Lenten No-Buy, Days 4/5

22 February, 2010

So this weekend brought forth a smidge of real testing: hitting a beauty supply store stocked with China Glazes as well as nail art stuff! And I successfully walked away empty-handed, thanks to my friend with me who knows I am on the no-buy…and gives me a hard time about the huge China Glaze order I have coming on Wednesday. Looking at those lonely neons, though…*frowns*

Also I got my ULTA rewards certificate, and I just have to tell myself to go straight for the hair products, and then straight back out after getting it. I can luckily avoid the OPI Hong Kong collection (hated it in person) and the Up Up & Away China Glazes (can get way cheaper online), so the only minefield is the clearance section, which I tend to clear out anyways. Maybe in 35 days they’ll have some good stuff, perhaps? Who knows.

Finally, one of the main goals of this no-buy was to get stuff that rarely gets used, well, used-so I just decided randomly on Essie’s Bordeaux for the nails. Granted, I was lazy-I did my friend’s fingers and toes, so something that would be easy on and easy off was ideal. I think this week might be a lazy week-using colours that I know I haven’t used in ages, getting through some untrieds, and maybe delving into an unused set of Essie minis from last spring.


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