New Napoleon Perdis: Astro Girl Quads

18 February, 2010

Now we have seen makeup companies doing collections based on hair colour, on skin tone, and nail companies doing astrological collections-but this may be one of the first times I can recall that a makeup company has done an astrological collection! This is a small collection featuring four of the Prismatic Eye Quads, in Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. I have one of the quads, although not an Astro Girl one-and it’s definitely quite nice. I really wish more people could get to know the NP brand, as it is one of my favourites. Plus, you have to love the man himself! Please note that while there are the signs for each one, anyone can wear any of them.

The first quad, Fire, is the Aries, the Leo, and the Sagittarius. The shades featured are a reddish copper, a dark gold, an indigo purple, and then representing the moon, a soft pink to highlight and blend. This is a really unusual looking blend of shades-but it could be perfect if somebody typically just wears neutrals as all of these can amp a look like that up like nothing else.

The second quad, Earth, is also really unusual. Representing the Taurus (me!), Virgo, and Capricorn, it features a brilliant royal blue, a metallic olive green, a lighter, more grassy green (think two steps up from Aquavert), and then…a coral. Yes, you read right. A coral, which is supposed to represent the sun. No complaints there, though, because I love the corals.

The third quad, Air, is the one I am lemming the most. Representing Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, there’s a bright yellow, a salmon pink, a bright lilac purple, and then a gunmetal grey definer, representing the moon. This is a quad that has shades that I normally wouldn’t pair together, but it’s actually really good inspiration for me. I may have to do an online order for this one!

Finally, there is the Water quad, representing Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. This is probably the most demure of the bunch-featuring a silver-tinged white, a charcoal grey, and a turquoise, with a soft midtone pink as the sun shade. This is the one I would use the least if I bought it, even though it is beautiful.

The thing I love about the NP quads is not only the value, but the workability. The quad I have is all mattes and yes, a bit tricky at times (you need to prime with these, no matter what), but you can very easily blend. For the artist in me, I love these quads-and $35 is not that bad, considering other brands charge way more. The order of must-haves for me is Air, Earth, Fire, and Water, and there is a great deal on the NP website until the 13th of March: order an Astro Girl quad, and get a Luminous Lip Veil for free, limit one per client.


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