MAC Riveting Collection Now Online!

18 February, 2010

First of all, I’m just a smidge annoyed that this is coming straight on the heels of the Spring Colour Forecast, but the good news? This is a smaller collection. The bad news for those of us who are already broke? This is definitely one of the more fashion-foreward collections in recent memory. It may not all seem wearable, but for the artists in all of us, the beauty is the ability to mix and match. There are a LOT of repromotes in this, however they are mostly PRO products…including my favourite MAC product of all time!

Lipstick: $14
Bubbles-Shimmery warm white (Glaze, repromote). This is one that if you want it, you will have to jump on it because when Sugarsweet came out people were calling and buying 4 or 5 at a time.
Metal Maven-Pale frosted silver (Frost)
Riveting-Midtone dirty mauve-taupe (Frost)
Show Orchid-Bright blue-pink (Amplified, PRO). This is the aforementioned favourite product of all time-I have THREE tubes of this as backup! I don’t have many lipsticks I use in my rotation-typically just Port Red, Kanga-Rouge, CARGO Evangeline, and this. The rumour is that these are now permanent at freestanding stores, along with Costa Chic and Saint Germain.

Lipglass: $14
Rock Out-Light icy silver with pearl (Frost)
True Babe-Creamy midtone blue-pink (Cream)

Powder Blush: $18.50 (Both of these are PRO-line, however Dirty Plum was a recent chop, IIRC)
Full Fuschia-Very bright iridescent fuschia (Frost)
Dirty Plum-Deep plum (Matte)

Nail Lacquer: $12
Studded-True silver with pearl (Matte). This looks like an OPI Suede-from swatches I have seen, it looks like a silver version of OPI You Don’t Know Jacques suede.
Wham Bam Glam-True dark taupe (Matte)
Black Enough?-Black (Matte)

This collection also has the 188 (presumably for a more wearable look on the blushes), the 48 lash, and the Penultimate liner. As far as must-haves, for me it will be the blushes and then possibly Metal Maven lipstick. I’m wanting to try some new colours, and I don’t already have a silver in my collection so it may make its way home with me. I don’t need any Show Orchid for oh, a year or so, though.


2 Responses to “MAC Riveting Collection Now Online!”

  1. Sylvie Says:

    Have you seen the Pink Burst lipstick? How do you think it compares with Show Orchid? Spring Colour Forecast isn’t out in France yet but I think I might actually go to a pro store just so that I can swatch both Pink Burst and Show Orchid side by side and see which one I want. I do have a Rock Out slimshine and a Lickable cremesheen but I’m intrigued by in-your-face lipsticks =D

    • codekiki Says:

      Pink Burst is way lighter, I would say it’s a definite midtone pink. Show Orchid is about as in-your-face as you can get from a pink lipstick from MAC-Pink Burst is bright, yes, but it’s more wearable for daily wear (unless you are me, and you wear Show Orchid as a daily lipstick). I was easily able to skip Pink Burst, though, because I have a lot of Show Orchid, plus I have Trimming Talk which is my somewhat-bright pink that isn’t Show Orchid, and thus never gets used.

      I also recommend you look at Metal Maven. It is definitely not the sort of colour you see often-it’s quite pigmented, but not terribly harsh. I actually am going to wear it alone, along with silver eyes and then bright, Full Fuschia cheeks, because it’s quite the quirky lippie.

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