Spring Colour Forecast 1: Pink

10 February, 2010

Releasing tomorrow anywhere in the US that MAC is sold, we have the four colour forecasts for the spring. This is a fun idea, because it is four little capsule collections that are perfect if you have one way that you like to go. I won’t be able to get swatches until Friday or Saturday at the absolute earliest, and hopefully Electric Fuschia and Bubblegum don’t sell out at the local Freestanding!

Eyeshadow: $14
Rosy Outlook-Frosted baby pink (satin)
Da Bling-Pink with gold pearl (Veluxe Pearl, permanent)
Lala-Midtone pink (Frost)
Very Violet-Dark violet (Frost)

Crush Metal Pigment: $32.50. This is a set of four pigments in stacking jars, each being metallic and creamy. This particular stack has a pale pink frost, a midtone rose frost, a pale lilac frost, and a darker purple frost.

Lipstick: $14
Phlox-Sheer light pink (Glaze)
Bubblegum-Light lavender pink (Glaze). This is already sold out on the MAC website.
Laugh A Lot-Mauve pink (Lustre)
Pink Burst-Clean bright pink with pearl (Frost). This is a huge lemming for me-I love my dark pinks.Blush Ombre: $25. This is a blush where it is an ombre pattern in the pan-a light colour going to a darker colour. This is a concept I love, and you get 50% more product than a traditional powder blush (9g vs. 6g).
Azalea Blossom-Light cool pink, fading to a sort of plummy pink at the bottom.

Lipglass: $14
Cultureclash-Clear baby pink with pearl (Frost, repromote)
Hush, Hush Rose-Midtone blue pink with pearl (Frost)
Electric Fuschia-Bright violet with blue pearl (Frost)

Nail Lacquer: $12
Galore Pink-Creamy midtone blue pink (Cream)

Perfume: $25
Creations Hue: Pinkaura-A woody floral.

There’s also the requisite Plushlash, but I avoid that. All in all, though, this is a great little capsule launch. I particularly want Electric Fuschia, Lala, and Pink Burst. Everything else is “wait and see” although the pales are avoidable for me. Money ain’t exactly readily available.


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