OPI Shrek Forever After Collection: Summer 2010

5 February, 2010

This may just be rumour, but I highly doubt it! This is something that is very appealing to me; and it’s different from the same ol’, same ol’ summer stuff that comes out. From Chic Profile comes the news about the collection, which is coinciding, in a way, with the release of the final Shrek movie. There are six shades-and not one of them is a red or a pink!

The shades are:
Funky Donkey-This looks to be a bright, shimmery purple.
What’s With The Cattitude-A pale robin’s egg blue, that from the shot looks to veer more towards the original Ocean Love Potion (not the crappy Sephora version, I’m talking the ultra-shimmery aqua).
Rumple’s Wiggin’-This looks to be a dead ringer for Essie’s St. Lucia Lilac, maybe even lighter.
Who The Shrek Are You-One word: Chartreuse. This colour will be the highlight, we’re talking crazy as Absolutely Alice as far as fandom goes since well, chartreuse ain’t a common colour for nail polish.
Ogre-the-Top Blue-To me, this looks to be a smidge darker than No Room For The Blues. NRFTB is a gorgeous colour, and this will be a fun one to go into the fall with as well.
Fiercely Fiona-I’m getting one of two reads on this: first, it could be a pale lemon, but not as bright as Banana Bandanna. I would love it if they mixed Essie Barbuda Banana and Shorty Pants together, but that probably won’t happen. Second, it could be a pale chartreuse. Either way, MINE.

To me, this seems legit, but you never know. If it does indeed come out, look for it starting in May or June. I don’t remember when Sunbelievable came out, as I was jobless and thus not looking at NP as much last year…but you can bet I’m getting everything, and then some.

Again, all of this comes from Chic Profile. Don’t thank me, thank them:)


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