Review: Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows (With Swatches)

31 January, 2010

(Swatches are below!)

Finally, ULTA has come out with this, after Sephora and many other places are already out! Who cares though, at least I was able to get my hands on it without panting too much like a doggie at the counter. For those of you who have been living under a rock, the hottest collaboration this spring has been Alice in Wonderland, with the new Tim Burton adaptation hitting theatres on the 5th of March. OPI has a capsule collection of four polishes, and Urban Decay has this. If you get the chance, BUY IT. Put in extra hours at work, I don’t care. There is also a great range of shades in here that haven’t been in other books, or have been in other palettes as exclusives.

Let’s start with the first row: Underland (real shade: Flash) is a bright, bright, bright purple. It’s a smidge patchy, but it’s almost radioactive how glowy it is. Alice (real shade: Painkiller) is a high-frost turquoise. It debuted in the Show Pony palette and what can I say, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Oraculum (real shade: Baked) is a lovely golden bronze, and a must-have for any makeup fan. Even a neutral-hater like myself loves it because it is an amazing crease colour. Queen (real shade: Last Call) is very, very similar to MAC’s Plum Dressing or Cranberry. It’s a gorgeous burgundy-plum with yes, a lot of frost, but not a lot of shimmer.

The second row: Chessur (real shade: Chopper) is a nice beige, although it is loaded with glitter. White Rabbit (real shade: Polyester Bride) is another glitter bomb, this one being a nice white with a silver sheen. Wonderland (real shade: Maui Wowie) is another glitter, but this one is so ridiculously pigmented. It’s a very pretty taupe with a silver sheen to it. Curiouser (real shade: Grifter) is ridiculously glittery, and the colour is pretty in the pan (a light purple) but you need primer like crazy with this, I’m afraid.Third row: Muchness (real shade: X) applies so smoothly, it’s ridiculous. It’s a neutral but at the same time, it’s got a bit of a peach tinge to it. Mushroom is the only one that keeps its name, it’s a greyish brown that first appeared in the Book of Shadows volume 2, and it’s very fitting for this book as well. Midnight Tea Party (real shade: Midnight Cowboy Rides Again) just can’t stay out of a palette, can it? It’s a champagne with so much silver glitter you’ll lose your mind. Vorpal (real shade: S&M) is a smooth charcoal-grey with frost, and so pretty.

Final row: Absolem (real shade: Homegrown) is one that I am glad to have back. Not only was it one of my favourites from the BoS2, but it’s just so beautiful on and easy to work with. It’s a total grass-green, a little more subdued than Graffiti though. Drink Me, Eat Me (real shade: Sin) is a light nude, almost a pale peach, and not overly shimmery but still having a nice frost to it. Mad Hatter (real shade: Twice Baked) is a coffee brown with a little silver shimmer that is a go-to liner shade for me, and Jabberwocky (real shade: Oil Slick) is a black with silver shimmer that is bound to be another go-to liner for me.

In this book, you also get two 24/7 liner minis. Zero is the ubiquitous black that appears almost everywhere, but this time Flipside is joining it, and that excites me like crazy. It’s a teal with light shimmer to it that can really punch up a neutral-and face it: I’m bored of Bourbon.

Finally, you get a mini bottle of what else-Primer Potion. I love how the genie bottles look, but I’m not as crazy about the slant. It will help to get more product out of there though, as I am not taking a hacksaw to the bottle anytime in the future.

All in all, this is a good Book of Shadows. I don’t like how they had as many glittery shades, but it’s definitely a great mix this time out as well and for someone who only owns a couple single shadows, the value cannot be topped. It’s also fairly travel-friendly, although it is a cardboard/cardstock packaging, thus not as durable as the lovely plastic of my CARGO quad. It is $4 more than the other Book of Shadows editions but honestly, that’s chump change.

Now for some pics!

The outer cover

The pop-up diorama inside, along with the mirror.

The shadows and liners (cut off the primer potion)

Underland, Alice, Oraculum, Queen, Chessur, White Rabbit, Wonderland, Curiouser

Liners: Zero, Flipside. Shadows: Muchness, Mushroom, Midnight Tea Party, Vorpal, Absolem, Drink Me Eat Me, Mad Hatter, Jabberwocky


One Response to “Review: Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows (With Swatches)”

  1. RandomizeME Says:

    I’m getting it too! My inner teen-ager is very happy right now 🙂

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