Review: CARGO Tahiti Quad

24 January, 2010

I know it’s a bit late, but still, it’s something:)

This was a recent clearance buy of mine at Sephora, as CARGO is being cleared out completely. I figured that this eye quad had been catching my eye for awhile, so why not buy it? Not only are the colours nice, but it’s very substantial, not just in packaging but in contents.

The verdict: Even at retail, this is a hell of a deal.

Let’s first get into the packaging: it’s a thick, plastic case, and each different quad has its own artwork on the top, which I think is neato. On the inside there is an all-important mirror, and quite a sizeable one as well! I don’t feel that I have to pull out a separate mirror or anything, because some quads have teensy little mirrors. There is also not a whole lot of spacing in between the shadows, which means you can fit more in!

Next up, shadow size: we’re talking DOUBLE the fill-weight of a MAC or Urban Decay shadow, and these four look like they would fit in with the Book of Shadows as there is one shade very close to Flipside, another that reminds me of MAC’s Fresh Green Mix MES, and so forth. You know that with these, you will get something good-and they apply beautifully, just like butter!

There is one catch, though: these require a primer, as the lasting power isn’t the greatest. If you prime, though, you will be all set. Like I said before, even at retail these are an insane deal that you shouldn’t pass up. With a wide selection, hit your local Sephora while these are still around, and if you miss out, ULTA always has them. $28 is a bargain for a four-shadow quad-you’re paying $7 a shadow essentially, which is what some drugstore brands are getting up towards.


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