Review: CARGO Rome Blush

24 January, 2010

The second of my three CARGO products, this one is quite a fun one, because blush has become a recent obsession of mine. To go from no face makeup to intense blushes like MAC Devil in less than two years…well, that’s craziness right there. And this? This is the exact sort of shade I have been looking for. Now a lot of people may not typically go for the oranges or orangey tones, but I find that they actually work very well with my colouring (and no, I’m not Fake Baking).

Bottom line: This may seem harsh colour-wise, but it applies beautifully and the packaging is awesome.

The one gripe about this is that this is a VERY shimmery blush. It’s not as shimmery, but close to, a MAC Mineralize skinfinish. There are some of the blushes that are matte, but this was the nicest colour of the bunch. However, the nice thing is that it is very blendable and it can work in well with anything, and if necessary be toned down.

It has good lasting power and decent pigmentation-but again, it’s not going to be a very thick blush, colour-wise. It’s going to maintain a sort of sheerness, which is always good to have.

The package is really nice because it’s a basic metal tin! Not only are they more environmentally-friendly, but it can totally be used as a catchall after you are done with the blush, whenever it may be. It also can take a few dings here or there, and it looks really cute in your purse or on your vanity (or traincase, or counter, or whatever it may be).

Finally, it’s time to weigh the product, and you are getting significantly more than a MAC blush-nearly 50% more, as a matter of fact. I believe it’s 8.5 grams as opposed to 6 for a MAC blusher, but I could be wrong. Who knows.

Price-wise, this runs for $24, which again is a great steal considering the colour and everything-and while the shade is perfect for me, some of the others may work a lot better for you, so go in and try them out. Heck, try this one! If you liked MAC’s Spaced Out, you’ll love this.


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