Recent MAC Collection Thoughts

18 January, 2010

With all the collections MAC has put out recently and the time I have not had to go swatch, I figured today’s lunchtime was a good time to at the very least, take a look at it-and here are my thoughts!

MAC in Lillyland: Overall, not up to what I had hoped. The Lipgelees were nice, but I rarely ever do gloss, especially a squeeze-tube one. Preppy, though, is perfect over Show Orchid. They aren’t necessarily rushbuy-worthy for me, since they end up clogging the CCO’s arteries, but they are nice. The Cremeblends are bright, and I really want them all. However, I prefer powders and I just bought a nice CARGO blush, so I can easily pass. The Pearlmattes? Skippable for me. They are cute, on paper-but the eyeshadow should have been a trio like the Dame Edna ones. The powder, on the other hand, looks nice, and it would be perfect for all because it has the melange of shades.

Warm & Cozy: Bored to tears, folks. The MSF’s were the only thing that really interested me, and even then I was bored.

All Ages…: If it’s your sort of thing, the neutrals, you would like this. Good basics, but not stuff I’d wear often.

Studio Fix Lash: This may be the first MAC mascara that I really want to own, as I love the applicator. Still a smidge clumpy, but if all MAC mascaras had the plastic tooth brushes then I may be tempted to buy them!

Again, just some brief thoughts. Warm & Cozy isn’t worth a look, but the rest of the things are because you may find something fun.


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