Saturday’s Hauling!

17 January, 2010

So since I got paid yesterday, I figured it was time for me to haul these sales! It’s good in a way that I work more during the holidays, it’s more money towards buying stuff for cheap and I succeeded today. Can’t share my fashion hauls for obvious reasons, but I did well for both the boy and I:)

Now first stop was VS where I wanted more bras and/or lace nightslips, but instead they had nothing really in a 34DD bra and only nightslips in the yellow, which I already own. However, they had a metric crapton of beauty for 75% off-and we’re talking some nice Garden Collection stuff. They had the three scents that were the LE ones-Passionate Kisses, Honeysuckle Belle, and Midnight Mimosa, but they also had Romantic Wish (pomegranate, freesia, and cucumber? So there), as well as the three holiday ones (Sparkling Sugared Pear, Gilded Ginger Creme, Merry Vanilla Twist) and then some Honey Do (Beauty Rush) as well as the BR coconutty scent. For under $25 (with WA. state 9.5% sales tax, not like I’m complaining as it helps fund transit), I got the Vanilla Twist in lotion, shimmer cream, and body spray, the Honey Do in both glimmer creme and body drink lotion, the Romantic Wish in both spray and lotion, the Sugared Pear in spray, and Ginger Creme in shimmer lotion. Not bad, even though I don’t need more lotion, but I am really trying to get rid of some of this BBW stuff that I know I’ll probably never use and replace it with scents I like.

There’s also, at some locations, still some PINK bodycare and Beauty Rush makeup on sale, but at two locations I went to the only sale Beauty items were giftsets, and finding a 34DD bra was next to impossible sometimes. Blame the economy, I know I am. There’s new stuff as well but that is a whole separate kettle of fish, dearies.Next up was Sephora. You read my post earlier about how CARGO is exiting Sephora-and that was very good news for me, as I stocked up! They were selling right off the display, so for $26 I was able to get the Tahiti eye quad and the Rome blush. Those will have their own reviews, but the eye quads each have their own artwork and most single products come in tins as opposed to plastic. Tres chic! I would definitely rush-buy some shadow quads, though, because at $14 with the shadows being 3 grams apiece (fill weight) you are getting a ridiculous value.

ULTA was my last haulage stop of the day, and they were very discombobulated, although after about 10 minutes I found the nail and hair clearance. From what I have seen, Jonathan Product may be going out of business because it’s on clearance everywhere, and I was able to get a mini three-pack of Silky Dirt for $6. I also picked up a few clearance polishes-OPI No Room For The Blues, Essie Sag Harbour, and Essie Punchy Pink. I may be hitting more ULTA’s for additional ones, too-I am so obsessed. I finally caved on the Essie spring minis set-it has Status Symbol, Mesmerize, One of a Kind, and Flawless. And since I have tried to be a good girl, I got myself an OPI DS-this time, it was DS Extravagance. I could have gone for Tapestry, or Coronation, or any of them but I kinda felt like the plummy purple was calling to me.

Total for all that? Less than $90. And it feels so good.


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