New VS Beauty Rush!

17 January, 2010

I am not really talking about the makeup here; although the makeup line has expanded enough to where you could say that it’s its own entity. No, I am talking about the bodycare-one of my fun favourite things. Admittedly, while I do love my exotic florals (hello tuberose anyone?), I also like really sweet, almost candy-like scents-and Beauty Rush delivers in droves. This Valentine’s Day, there are three of those sweet-themed scents, available in four forms: Body Drink Lotion, Body Double Mist, Moisture Cream, and 3/1.

The scents? Berry Rush, Cherry Bomb, and Cupquake. Now, I was in two different VS locations over the last two days-actually, three over three-and I did not see these. However, Cupquake was one of my favourite Beauty Rush glosses-it actually tasted kind of buttercream-y. If the lotion is anything like the lipgloss, then this is going to be a treat and a half. As far as the berry goes, I’m hoping for a sweet but not tart berry-like a raspberry creme brulee. And finally, please make the cherry smell like pie and not cough syrup:)

They are $12 each or 3/$25, however I’m waiting til the sale when they inevitably go on sale. By then, I may have used up some of my Romantic Wish as well as my other BBW stuff:)


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