Review: Murad Vitalic Cleanser/Moisturizer

13 January, 2010

No, these are not one product in the same:) However, they are both ridiculously amazing!

Let’s start out with the cleanser, which is a 5.1 ounce bottle for $26. The thing that is important to realize is that with this, you don’t have to use a full pump. Just a tiny bit out will give enough cleanser for the whole face! The cleanser is designed to be lightweight and non-drying, while toning at the same time and helping to cleanse out pores. It also has copper in it which is designed to help energize the skin, and the pomegrante helps to balance. For somebody with nasty combination skin that can be acne-prone, this cleanser is an absolute godsend. After a couple weeks of somewhat-regular use, my skin is so much brighter and more glowy-I don’t look as tired even though work is extremely stressful.

There is one huge con with it though-it’s not particularly effective on super-tough makeup. I find that I still have to use makeup remover beforehand, as the foam doesn’t do as great a job I hoped of whisking my mascara and liquid liner away. However, since you just need an additional product for that, I say that this is absolutely a must-have for combination skin.Now let’s move onto the moisturizer-it’s $33 for a 2 ounce squeeze tube. First off, the SPF 15 is something that I love, but I would love there to be a version that didn’t have the SPF, so that I could use it at night as well as use a Dermalogica sunscreen over it. In the winter though, when I’m typically just outside when waiting for the bus, it’s enough for me. I love how it’s delightfully light-it doesn’t feel overly greasy but I still feel like my skin is getting a drink. You only need a tiny bit of this, and I love how the tube fits easily in my purse without a ton of excess packaging. I don’t have to wait too long after using this to put my makeup on, either, which is another huge point in favour of this. The one issue I do have, though, is that there are these two patches on my face-one about an inch and a half under each eye-that this irritates just a smidge. It doesn’t last long, but I do get some irritation (along with pretty much any moisturizer, though). Whether or not it will go away with more regular use remains to be seen, but this is an insane value for an effective facial moisturizer. Combination skin is hard to work with, but Murad seems to have it down pat.

In addition to these, Murad also makes a pomegranate lip protector (which I am very interested in, seeing if it can cure my chronic dry lips) and a mask (which is 6 packettes, so more than likely a once-a-week treatment). For the night cream, though, I’m looking at the Essential-C one, because it’s very preventative and it helps with evening out skin tone (which the Vitalic has already done a good job with). Long story short, though-if you have combination skin, you need skincare with pomegranate in it. I’m a convert already!


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