New Urban Decay Primer Potion

13 January, 2010

Ladies and gents, you have been warned. Joining the original and Sin is new Eden primer potion-a nude matte shade! While I am not as into the mattes, if you are, this is right up your alley. Apparently it is similar to Foxy (an UD matte shadow) colour-wise, and according to the page on Sephora, it gives a “no-makeup” look worn alone. For that reason, this may be something that some of you may like. I also prefer the matteness of the original when I am using some shadows, so that may be another thing that may steer you towards this.

Right now it is online on the Sephora website, apparently a Beauty Insider exclusive but I’ll give you the link: Sephora: UDPP Eden. And if you aren’t already a Beauty Insider member…sign up! (This is not me shilling for it, BTW) Just takes a minute, and you get points for your purchases. I don’t spend enough there to even really qualify half the time, and the rewards aren’t spectacular like ULTA’s, but it’s still something.


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