China Glaze Wizard of Ooh-Ahz Returns Collection

12 January, 2010

So for many of us, this is old news-but for a lot of us, this is also fairly new, so I figured I would put my swatches of this collection here! I ordered the entire collection (yes, all of it) and even have a little displayer to boot! I know, call me neurotic.

Overall, this is one heckuva collection. All the polishes are in some way or another, glittery, but many of them are not abysmal-to-remove glitters. The main downside with this is the fact that these are polishes that require, except for one of them, three coats. It’s worth it though for the great look of these!

First up, we have Ruby Pumps, which I not only was unable to get even a halfway decent picture of but is a core part of the line, and in fact is the most popular colour! It’s a red glitter in a jelly-ish base, so it’s extreme high shine and it allows the glitter to just stand out. Emerald Sparkle is very similar as far as the finish goes on this, though. If you don’t already own this, make sure to put this on your shopping list unless you absolutely hate reds.

Next up is my favourite of the collection, C-C-Courage. This is the one colour that was a two-coater to me, and it’s just packed with shimmer and sparkle. I love the indigo/blurple, and the shimmer makes it a polish unlike anything I already own. It is not everybody’s taste, but still, absolutely gorgeous and a total must-have.

Dorothy Who? is probably the one polish that was the most awaited, and for me, it was great because it’s unique to me but at the same time, I like a few of the others over this. It takes at least three coats to get it right, but it’s such a sparkly polish that it needs warning signs.

The Ten Man is another sheer one, but this, along with the other polishes in the collection, have a similar sort of finish to Essie’s Sequin Sash: a somewhat sheer frosty base colour (think OPI Kyoto Pearl) with some silver/complementary sparkle, but it’s not a total glitter polish. This one is silver, and it is another need-sunglasses sort of shade, it’s that blingy.

Cowardly Lion is the gold in the collection, and it’s very pretty. It’s not garish, and it’s the kind of thing that a younger person could wear without it looking like they’re trying to act older than they really are. It’s more opague than Good Witch? and The Ten Man, but at the same time still needs three coats.

Good Witch?, finally, is a lovely pale pink. This is definitely the Glinda sort of colour, no questions asked! Very feminine, and not overtly sparkly. This colour will get a lot of use from me, and I’d love to see how it is matted.


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