Urban Decay Spring 2010

11 January, 2010

I know we are barely into the new year, but hey, that means spring for us retail folks! Urban Decay has sent out the call, and they delivered.

First up, four shades of 24/7 liner that are now permanent. Crash, Mildew, Binge, and Oil Slick all had places in a liner set of some form or another-and now you don’t have to worry about not having them! I got to try them all at Sephora the other day, and all of them except Oil Slick are nice. I just don’t like shimmery black pencil liners that are a little greasy-Oil Slick was fairly accurate. Binge, though=FAB.

Next up we have new Stardust shadows, which boast MORE GLITTER than the most glittery of UD shadows. They say, though, that due to the formulations and ingredients used that make the glitter stay on the lids. They are pricier-at $20 each-but they have double the fill weight, and the case is apparently a squeeze-open case. Odd, but interesting at the same time. There are 9 shades to start out with-and only one is NOT vegan. It’s a good mix-you have the following:

54-light purple
Atmosphere-deep turquoise
Bobby Dazzle-White
Diamond Dog-Brown
Moon Spoon-grey
Retrograde-dark purple
Space Cowboy-beige (probably same base colour as Midnight Cowboy)

All of these shades have iridescent sparkle.

For those of you Surreal Skin lovers, there are three new shades in the Cream-to-Powder foundation: Haze (very fair, with pink undertones), Fate (very fair, with gold undertones), and Kismet (ultra light). One thing I hate about many makeup brands is that they don’t really have a great selection of the lighter colours, so this is something I welcome with open arms because sometimes I can be so pale that it can be hard to find stuff. Not anymore, after Some Kind-A Gorgeous came along…but still.

Another nice thing is that Urban Decay is getting in on the high-tech finishing powders with their Razor Sharp powder, a powder designed for optical blurring-perfect for Facebook pictures. It has a similar sort of design, at least to me, as the MAC Mineralize Loose foundation, but this also has what they call an “on/off switch”. It retails for $30, and may be good for FOTD’s (not like I ever do those anymore, anyways…just don’t have anything good to show).

The last item in the bunch is the Preen shadow box-and if it looks familiar, it’s because it’s the exact same shade offering and liner as the Show Pony box, just better packaging. This is way more my style, folks-total love right there.

Finally, right now the UD site has the Get Baked palette for $19, the Covet/Stagedive set for $14, and the 24/7+Heavy Metal sets for $20. The Alice Book of Shadows apparently is coming out on the 15th, according to some rumours I heard, but who knows. It may be UD online at first, or it could be Sephora. Who knows, they need to do some damn pre-orders.


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