Smashbox Spring 2010: Heartbreaker Collection

11 January, 2010

Okay, I have to admit, when I saw this in Sephora I totally went ga-ga. It’s not only cheery and fun, but it’s a little cheeky too. Perfect for the spring, I’ll say!

Let’s start out with the lips, since I think lips when I think heartbreaker (gotta have a strong lip, friends). First up is the Lip Shine, which retails for $19 and comes in two shades: Berry Hot (a sheer bright fuschia) and Melon Drama (a juicy melon). These are squeeze-tube glosses, which means that they may sell fast since a lot of people love squeeze-tubes. I personally love brushes but that’s just me and my crazy self. There is also a roll-on lip gloss (don’t see those as much) that retails for $21, and the shade (Pink Sugar) is a sheer shimmery light pink.

There are two eyeshadow palettes with this collection-each one having six shadows, a decent-looking mini brush, and retailing for $34. The Kiss & Tell palette has a light pink, a darker pink, a white, a cool-toned purple, a black, and then a more neutral pink, while the Hot Date has a champagne, a bronze-toned brown, a beige, a taupe, and then a light blue and a teal.

There is a Lash DNA with this, but it’s nothing new-just a fancy box for the collection.

For those perfect seductress eyes, there is the liquid liner pen, which retails for $24. I love me some winged eyeliner, in fact it’s almost become a trademark of mine (even though I can’t do them well) and these are good. The only thing is they aren’t foolproof but then again, winged eyeliner is definitely not foolproof!I love Smashbox Softlights, and this one has a Baked Fusion one called Starlight. Retailing for $32, it’s got 10 wedges (like a pizza…nom nom nom) and the shades are, as follows: a white, a light plum, a dark neutral pink, a bronze, and a somewhat brighter pink, at least from what my computer screen picks up. It’s not going to go on heavy, though-it’s a perfect springtime blusher.

Finally, there is something new for Smashbox-perfume. For this collection, they have the Heartbreaker fragrance in a rollerball that retails for $22, and the fragrance features violet, gardenia, musk, and vanilla. It’s not really a great fragrance-it’s just way too light for my tastes, and the musk just permeates through everything. So much potential totally wasted!

All in all, it seems like a fun collection. The colours are not only totally feminine, but they fit in well with spring and the fact that everything, from nail polish to fashions themselves, seems to be going more feminine. I mean, at work, one of the most common things I say about stuff that comes in is “New Look” because there’s a lot of A-lines. I mean, it works for everybody!

Finally, hit the sale section, where there are insane deals on both the Muse and Reign collections.

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