VS Half-Yearly Sale Report

3 January, 2010

Well folks, we are in the midst of the big ol’ winter sale season, and of course you can’t have the sales without the granddaddy to me: the VS sale! I’m practically a pro at this sale by now so I know how to shop it-you always want to go the first day, and then at the very end or better yet, after the sale officially ends as they tend to keep some stuff out (although not as much).

First up, the beauty. There was a LOT of both 50% off and 75% off stuff. The 50% stuff included fragrances like the fall edition of Heavenly, Desire, Wish, Ooh La La, and several others-and it was EVERYTHING in those, for the most part-so it included lotions and so forth. I also saw some of the original PINK bodycare, some PINK candles, and much, much more. Then on to the 75% off-all of the new PINK bodycare, the Dream Angels Heavenly Bloom, some Bare Bronze stuff, some older Beauty Rush bodycare, a good bucket each or so of Beauty Rush and VS makeup, hand sanitizers, travel sizes, room sprays-all sorts of things. It’s truly a crapshoot though so you have to check out all the stores in your area if you want something. Also, sales may vary-one thing I got for 75% off at one store was in the 50% off bins at another. Just be careful and watch for the best deals.

PINK is a normal obsession-but not anymore! Once you hit 18 hoodies, it’s time to stop. I’m just bored with a lot of the stuff, I’m branching into Juicy, and not to mention that I need more shirts that I can actually wear to work. In a nutshell, buy clothes from my store. Nonetheless, there was some decent stuff on the sale. Tees were as low as $11, although there really weren’t a ton of accessories. Lots of random hoodies and pants and so forth, though-it’s worth a look but I was just bored to tears, and that’s saying something. The sleepwear sale is hit-or-miss, but this time out, total hit. They had none of the Santa skirts at either store that I went to, although they did have the Santa hats for $5. There were a lot of the holiday garter belts and faux aprons, though, as well as some pajamas. A lot of the Lacie babydoll/nightslip things as well-a nicer slip at $20, or one with a different trim and a panty for $25. My only gripe is that I have to typically get a 34C in them as they don’t go up to D cups let alone the DD that I am, so I have to get used to things falling out, sadly:(

Finally, it’s brassieres and panties. The panties were all, for the most part, $4-$6, but I skipped as we sell them at work and there are some clearance ones that are as low as $1. Not to mention that I have some unworns still, so I don’t really need to be buying a ton unless they’re really, really cute. The brassieres, though-there was a somewhat decent 34DD selection, and I ended up getting one of the Perfect One brassieres. In the extended sizes, there wasn’t a lot but I could have bought a few Miracle Bras that were on clearance. Please, VS, don’t get rid of it. Ever. Some cute ones in other sizes, though, but not in my big-girl size. One of the girls I work with actually asked me why I can’t wear the ones from our store and I simply said “They’re too small”.

Anyways, for $90, I got:

A Perfect One push-up in leopard print. I don’t like how the straps get wider, but oh well.
Two Lacie nightslips (a slip that is meant to be worn like a nightgown)-one in hot pink and the other in bright yellow.
A Berry Kiss roomspray-better than any of the BBW stuff!
A Supermodel shimmer spray-the big, 8.4 ounce bottle.
A PINK lip balm-one of the new, chunky ones.
A Sexy Shimmer body oil-I never got in on that, but I love body oil especially for the summer.
A Sweet Daydream 4.2 ounce body mist. Love that scent-it’s perfectly fruity for me.


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