Lots of Hauling…

3 January, 2010

…but none of the makeup variety. Instead, it’s been a lot of polish. And other stuff.

Yes, you may have already seen my VS report/haul, but I did more. Much more. First off, it was time to get me some real skincare, so I went and got myself a few pieces of Murad. I got the foaming cleanser as well as the SPF 15 moisturizer and so far, I’m impressed. The cleanser has AHA’s and is designed to cleanse, exfoliate, and tone, but it’s not good at taking off makeup. The moisturizer, meanwhile, is lightweight, not greasy, and it doesn’t clog. All in all, good so far.

I went to two different Trade Secret locations today, but the Alice in Wonderland collection won’t be out until the 12th at the latest due to the warehouses being backed up. Additionally, clearances weren’t great, and Festive Fuschia sold out. I did, however, pick up the matte version of Alpine Snow and the suede version of You Don’t Know Jacques for 50% off, as well as a yellow headband for 75% off.

ULTA was next, and they had a lot of China Glaze clearanced as well as more OPI. A backup of Shim-Merry Chic was in order, and I got one of the polishes I skipped the other day, A Grape Fit. When searching through the back clearance I found Glove You So Much, and up front, they had the China Glazes and I picked up Free Love. The best thing in this bunch, though, was not a polish, but something else-the Tweezerman brow bubble. Designed as a Christmas ornament, it has a mini Tweezerman tweezer as well as a 10x magnifying mirror, and for the two it’s all of $10. I got the last one at my ULTA, and after testing it out on my brows-I’m hooked. These are the gold standard of tweezers for a damn good reason.Additionally, I hauled a lot of stuff earlier this week. Polish-wise, I got the last two bottles of Mint Candy Apple at this particular ULTA, as well as bottles of Meet & Jingle and a two-pack that had All A-Bordeaux The Sled and Holiday Glow, in addition to another can of Sexy Hair Root Pump and then a Bourjois eyeshadow that had been marked down to $5. I also did a huge Transdesign order but we’ll reveal that once it actually arrives. It’s mainly China Glaze, though-and it’s awesome. In addition, I ordered a bottle of Essie’s St. Barth’s Blue which has been a longtime lemming.

Oh yeah, two comedy DVD’s, and a ton of clothes. Go sale!


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