Beauty Essentials Week: Day 1

3 January, 2010

For something a little bit different, I thought that this week I would do some Beauty Essentials-products that I feel every beauty afficionado must have in her collection (sorry men, this doesn’t include you-I haven’t done any testing on my boyfriend yet). While none of these are drugstore products (as you know, drugstore stuff will not get any mileage on this blog), they’re still things that I would totally buy.

Today, I’m looking at the Tweezerman tweezers. To me, these are the gold standard of tweezers. After using cheapie tweezers for a long time to pluck my eyebrows, these are a revelation to me. First of all, they stay sharp, so I don’t have to constantly wipe off the tweezer after every single plucking. They allow you to really get in there and get the individual hairs, so you get a much neater brow. The sharpness of the blades allows it to grab the hairs easier as well, so less pain (and believe me I am a wimp when it comes to pain).

The price is fairly reasonable. You may think that $25 for a pair of tweezers is outlandish, but when you’re looking at something that could last you many, many years, then it’s definitely worth it. They do a lot of basic designs but also fun prints-I particularly love the Agatha Ruiz de la Prada collection, which is a white tweezer with a bold graphic print in either pink, orange, or turquoise-and with a free case for the tweezers, too! (Unfortunately, it’s leather) There’s also animal prints, which appeal to me greatly.

Stay tuned for more to come later this week!


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