Review: Napoleon Perdis Prismatic Eye Quad #6

25 December, 2009

The one and only beauty-related Christmas present I got, this is something I had been hardcore lemming for a good 5-6 months-and it is now mine. To be honest? THIS ROCKS!

First off, the quad is all matte shades. I don’t typically like mattes, but a lot of people do, and it’s nice. There is some chalkiness, yes, but using a primer helps alleviate a whole lot of that. You’re also getting a lot of product for your money-each shadow is about 2 and a half TIMES the fill weight of a MAC shadow. Granted, MAC shadows are a harder shadow as opposed to a softie like a Chanel, but these are a great value.

The four shades in the quad are a white, a bright purple (think MAC’s Purple Shower), a royal blue (similar to the base colour of Freshwater), and a canary yellow. It seems like an odd mix at first, but the beauty of this quad is that you can do a lot of blending and mixing to come up with way more colours. The white is also good for doing gradients-you can put the white down on half the lid and then blend the colour, or you can make awesome greens and indigos. The yellow is clearly the standout shade, but the rest are great, too.

The one thing I am not as much a fan of is the fact that it has sponge-tip applicators. Many people love them, I don’t. I never let that deter me though from a great product, and you get four shadows for $35 that are fairly easy to work with. If you have a primer, that will make things better and as Mr. Perdis himself says, “to not prime is a crime”.

This is one product that I am definitely going to get more quads of in the future-there are neutrals, lights, smokeys-a little something for everybody. I have my something, and it’s the brights. This is a must-have if you love brights, mattes, or both. No questions asked.

You can find it at pretty much any of your local ULTA stores.


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