MAC Love Lace Collection Now Online!

25 December, 2009

The first bit of the post-Christmas collections is now up online, and this first one is themed after fashion’s love of lace. It’s almost, in my eyes, a “feminine smokey” collection, as opposed to sultry smokey or Gothic smokey. There are more collections, and I will put them up soon.

Eyeshadow: $14.50
Suave Intentions-Light frosty silver-blue (Veluxe Pearl)
Pincurl-Dusty white (Frost, repromote from BBR)
Love Lace-Frosty midtone grey-blue (Veluxe Pearl)
Hypnotizing-Frosted grey mauve (Frost)

Kohl Power: $14.50
Feline-Rich black (Repromote from Style Black and Alexander McQueen)
Raven-Intense red with black pearl (Repromote from Alexander McQueen and other collections)
Sense of Style-Blackened deep marine blue

Eye Kohl: $14.50
Fascinating-Intense matte white (Permanent)Lipstick: $14
Pretty Please-Pale pink with pearl (Lustre, permanent)
Intricate-Frosty cool taupe (Frost)

Lipglass: $14
Icescape-Sheer pale pink with pearl (Frost, repromote from Chill)
Utterly Discrete-Sheer frosty cool mauve (Frost)

Nail Lacquer: $12
Light Affair-Creamy pale grey taupe (Cream)

In addition, this collection has Zoomblack Zoomlash, the 44 Lash, and Stud Eye Brows. This will be on counters by tomorrow, the 26th.


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