Beauty Rumours: Pre-Christmas Edition

21 December, 2009

I have been out of the beauty loop lately, so I apologize-but I have some great, great news and rumours to answer!

Rumour: Will there be a MAC Icon collection?
Answer: Supposedly, I had heard about a singer who was going to have a collection, but I never heard anything about that again. From what I have heard, there’s no Icon collection for now.

Rumour: Is it true that OPI is doing an Alice & Wonderland collection?
Answer: Oh, you betcha it’s true-and Beauty of a Site already has it in stock! However, that’s not the only Alice-themed collaboration-apparently there is a major beauty brand that is doing an Alice-themed edition of one of their most wildly popular products of the last two years, and it is scheduled to launch on the 28th of December in early 2010. I will be getting it BY the 2nd of January and reviewing it. You’re welcome:)

Rumour: Is it true that MAC is repackaging pigments?
Answer: Yes, and this is one thing that is pissing me off: You’re still going to pay $19.50-but you’re getting almost 70% LESS product. Yes, I said less. From a business standpoint, it makes sense, because people actually MAKE MONEY off pigment samples, as you get so much in a jar that you can sample it out, or you can make it last for years. Smaller packages=using it faster=more money for them. But it’s going to alienate a LOT of people from the brand, and piss off nearly everybody. I know I won’t be buying many pigments in the new package, in fact I am planning on doing a large order of glitters while I can still get the lovely large packs.

Rumour: Is it true that MAC is repromoing a ton of PRO products?
Answer: Yes and no. I can tell you this though: my personal mascot, the product I cannot live without, and MAC’s best product ever…SHOW ORCHID IS COMING BACK! Check stores in February for the greatness that is Show Orchid. Be on the lookout for some blushes as well, and Bubbles lipstick. As far as the rumour I had heard that there was going to be a huge eyeshadow repromote, well don’t hold your breath. As of now, it’s just rumour from what I hear.

Rumour: Is it true that there’s no huge collection around Valentine’s Day?
Answer: Yes, there will be no Fafi, Barbie, or Hello Kitty-instead, it’s going to be the smaller collections. Expect to see some themed ones (one rock-themed collection, for starters) but also expect to see a lot of product-themed collections, in the vein of Colour Ready, Suite Array, Cremeteam, and more.

I also have not heard about any designer collaborations, aside from the upcoming Lilly Pulitzer collection. The only other collaboration I know of is the new Viva Glam, featuring Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga.

Also, some other news:
Beauty of a Site has Essie’s Art of Spring collection up for viewing, but it won’t be available until February. It features one red, two lilacs, a light pink, a light peachy-pink, and a light coral. Mostly pastels…again. Still Lilacism and Neo-Whimsical will be on my list.


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