Review: Essie Matte About You

12 December, 2009

This fall, when the matte nail polish craze started to take off, Essie was, to me, noticeably absent from the foray of companies putting out a matte polish. Sure, China Glaze didn’t, but they also had a clear different focus, ie the 50 new colours, most of them being glitters. But Essie? They definitely didn’t have a true matte polish. In a way, though, they’ve made up for it with Matte About You, which is a mattifying topcoat.

The thing I love the most about this is the fact that you can make any colour matte-you can take a glossy black down, or you can get that chrome a sort of brushed-metal appearance. It also only takes one coat on the nails-you wouldn’t want to do much more, anyways-and it’s incredibly fast drying, just like, well, a true matte polish! Love it.

The price on it is fairly reasonable-it’s $10 for a bottle the size of Essie’s normal polish bottles. It’s definitely something I would be using a lot, and I’m glad ULTA is letting you get one free with purchase of $16 or more in Essie until Christmas.

All in all, though, as you can tell, no complaints. This is a product that is essential now to my collection, and it should be to pretty much anybody who is uninspired but doesn’t have the money to haul a metric crapton of polishes.


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