New Urban Decay 24/7’s

12 December, 2009

When Urban Decay released sets of their 24/7 liners for the holidays this year, many of us makeup fanatics figured it was only a matter of time before they were released as full-sizes. Sure enough, SOME of them, but not all of them, are now available on the website as full-size pencils.

Mildew and Crash, to me, are obvious choices to get the treatment of a full-size. They were in the Hi-Fi/Stereophonic sets, and they sort of fill a bit of a gap. Mildew is a true olive green, which is a great neutral-with-a-kick. It’s the sort of colour that I could give my mum. Crash, meanwhile, is more of an eggplant as opposed to 1999, which is definitely plummy. Yet another somewhat-neutral shade but still fun, it’s a no-brainer to add.

Binge also got added, and well, no surprise. When I saw “a navy blue-finally!” as the description for the colour on the 24/7 Superstash, you had to figure it would get added. And sure enough, it did-there really aren’t many blues, aside from Electric (which is more turquoise) and the royal blue loveliness that is Deviant.

Finally, Oil Slick got the add, and that’s no surprise either. A lot of people had probably been asking for a sparkly black pencil liner, as Zero is one of the few mattes. And sure enough, there it is! I, however, would not have as much use for a sparkly black, as I typically only use black pencil on the waterline, preferring my Blacktrack fluidline for anything else.

I’m not really surprised that Corrupt or Eldorado didn’t get added. Corrupt, a sparkly brown. Sure, it’s sparkly, but there are so many neutrals/browns that there doesn’t need to be one more. You can use the neutral argument for Eldorado, but it would have been a justifiable choice to bring in because it’s a lighter gold than that of Baked, Lucky, or Honey and you don’t see as many good light gold eye pencils.

These will probably be instores by early February at the absolute latest, along with other UD goodies.


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