Review: MAC Naughty Noir Eye Bag

5 December, 2009

Finally, after waiting nearly two months, I have bought a piece of the holiday MAC stuff-namely, the Naughty Noir eye bag! Designed to be a gifting item, this is a very fun item that has already sold out some places, including the downtown Seattle Nordstrom (the other eye bag sold out, too). It retails for $36, so it is a great value for giving or keeping.

First up, it comes in a totally giftable box, a silver with teal accents. There is a little lining inside the box because of the holes, so that it keeps the product nice and hidden inside. Of course you want to wrap it but it’s still a great little keepsake.

Inside, there is a cute little zippered bag. For me, the best this bag would work for is holding a few lipsticks, or as a little jewelry case for my purse. I quite love it, though. The pull is a piece of the teal ribbon along with a MAC-logo bead. Way pretty, definitely classy but fun at the same time.

But you didn’t buy this for a cutesy bag! You bought it for the products, silly:) And here is what it contains!

Inside the case, you have everything you need for an easy evening eye for the holidays: Blacktrack fluidline, Shimmertime pigment, a promo size of Zoomlash, and a mini 209SE.

Now let’s get to the actual review, shall we?

Zoomlash is not a product I am a huge fan of-it did absolutely nothing for me, and I’m a loyalist after all to my Bourjois Coup de Theatre 2/1. But a little size is always good, either to toss in a gift or to have in case I run out of my mascara and it’s too far away from payday. And some people love it, although I would love them to do a mini Plushlash. Just my opinion:)

The 209SE in the set is a truly mini one-I have one from a brush set and even then it’s a much longer handle. I like this better length-wise though, although at first it is very stiff. Seriously, MAC, what is with your brushes lately? First the Dazzleglasses have really stiff brushes (although they can be manipulated so they lose the stiffness), and now this. Granted, it goes away but still so annoying! It’s great to have so that I can not worry about losing my 210 or my other 209, or keep one at home and one in my purse.

Next is the Blacktrack gel liner, which despite being an item that everyone should have I did not get before now! It’s a matte black gel liner, so perfect for everyday or more intense looks. Some people use it on the waterline, although I don’t know if that’s the best way to go. I’m a huge fan of gel liners, though-I like applying liner with a brush as opposed to just a pencil-meaning cake liners are the next step for me. It’s definitely an essential, because even if you do a bright look a black is good just for accenting.

Finally the reason why I bought this-Shimmertime pigment. It was originally out in She Shines back in 2006, but it’s admittedly a perfect holiday pigment: it’s a silvery-peach with yes, plenty of shimmer. Densely packed like Violet or Teal, it’s one that can work in many ways due to versatility and such. I think everyone can get some use out of this, although I think the intended look for this was to do a wash of Shimmertime and then a winged liner of Blacktrack. It defines the eye without a ton of added pop, which I think many people will enjoy!

Negatives? None really that I can think of, besides Zoomlash and the stiffness of the 209SE.

Overall, though, this is one that any MAC fan will appreciate because Blacktrack is essential, and the pigment is universally useable.


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