Black Friday Shopping

27 November, 2009

This, in all honesty, is the first year I’ve ever done the actual Black Friday running around. The closest was my senior year of high school, in which we hit three stores total. This? Way better. The last three years I worked opening shifts and so all my shopping was done on breaks or afterwards. But this year? Shop before, baby!

Mom and I left the house at 5:15, and headed up to Best Buy. No way in heck either of us were camping out, and it was pretty cold. No rain, luckily. The store was jam-packed though, and I came in for one thing: Brutal Legend on PS3 for my brother, because I needed to get him taken care of. They also had other video game bargains, and we got Rayman Raving Rabbids for the Wii as well as Sonic Chronicles for the DS for $10 each. The DVD’s, though, were the star. We got some $4 flicks (Sideways, Capote) and some $7 ones (Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Role Models) because DVD’s can add up, and they were movies I wanted to see anyways. The line was insane-be prepared to wait up to an hour in line. But totally worth it!

Next stop was JcPenney, and we mainly went for the free snowglobe that they ran out of. They did have some good deals, but most were after mail-in rebate. A lot of places had that, actually. Still annoying as hell, though. After that was ULTA, where deals were a bit more scarce. They had the weekly ad deals plus a few doorbusters, but it was really nothing spectacular. I only bought two things-one of the BE sets that was $10, and Essie Bright Tights, as I had been wanting it since I first saw it. My mum got both the face and the eye sets, but the eye one for me? Meh. However, I have a few new lemmings. First up is the Napoleon Perdis Gold Digger Glimmer set, featuring three shimmer pots and a brush for $25, as well as the lipgloss set which is $28 (or in that range) for five glosses). Second is the Smashbox Wish brush set, which is a set of five travel brushes (angled face, slant eyeliner, large eye blending, eye fluff, eye tapered) in a pink hard case with $1 of the sale going to Children’s Miracle Network. It’s $49-so about the same as the MAC sets-but the quality is so amazing. Finally, POP Beauty has the Lid Neon palette for $22. Granted, it’s all matte so it’s bound to be a bit chalky but if you use a good primer, I can only imagine how crazy it would be. After a quick pit-stop at home, it was off to Fred Meyer for what has become an institution-50% off all socks. And well, I kinda got a bit carried away. Four two-packs of knee socks-three of them had a solid and then a neon print, with the fourth being a fuzzy sock. One pair of over-the-knee legwarmers. Two pairs of over-the-knee socks-one a grey knit, the other a thin neon pink nylon (almost like tights). One pair of grey capri leggings with a damask print (they will never be worn without socks over them, though). One pair of full tights. Three pairs of actual knee socks! The bigger thing for us, though, was replacing all of our old Christmas lights-both inside and out-with LED lights, because they will save us a lot on our electrical bill. They were also 50% off, so we got three boxes of snowflakes, one box of net lights, and then seven boxes of multicolour tree lights. Figure it was about time to replace everything, so well…we did.

After that, it was to H&M where it was not only B1G1 free on reductions, but there were “fashion finds” which for today only are marked down to prices as low as $5. A knit shrug? $5. Cowl-neck long sweaters? $10. Men’s and women’s long-sleeved dress shirts? $10. Men’s knit pullover sweaters? $15. I got two shrugs (pink and black) as well as two cowl-neck sweaters-a black thick one, and a pink thinner one-and it was $20 for everything. Mom spent $35 and got two pairs of gloves, two dress shirts, and a few sweaters. My dad was astounded at how much she got for how little she actually spent!

After a stop at Pacific Fabrics, it was one run at Walgreens, where we got Ben & Jerry’s pints for $2, and A&W 12-packs for $2.50, limit 4. We’re thinking of going tomorrow and just buying them out by having each of us buy some because we love root beer, and it’s normally way, way expensive.


As far as stores I didn’t hit, Target and Kohl’s had some interesting things but nothing essential. VS was doing the tote with $60 purchase, but it was only three goodies this year, none of which interested me. Not to mention I think I can squeeze another month out of the only flesh-coloured bras I own. BBW has some insane deals, like B3G3 free on Signature bodycare, but I’m switching primarily to L’Occitane because they are a lot more socially-responsible and environmentally-friendly. There were lots of other deals, but I am happy with what I got. Next year, though, I’ll be saving up so I can buy way, way more.


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