ULTA 2009 Black Friday Ad?

26 November, 2009

I know some of you are coming here, looking to see if ULTA has a Black Friday ad. Unfortunately…I did not see one in my newspaper, nor my mail. If I get my hands on an ad, I will definitely let you all know. It could be something that comes out in tomorrow’s papers, or it could be a non-advertised sort of thing. All I know, I haven’t seen one. Sorry folks.

I have just received an email with a preview of some of the blockbuster deals. They include:

Bare Minerals Bright Idea set #1-This is an eye set, with Well-Rested eye colour and a dome brush. This will be all of $10, making it an insane gift item.
Bare Minerals Bright Idea set #2-This is a face set, with Glee all-over colour and an angled brush. This will be $10, as was the eye set.
Smashbox Beauty Basics Set-This has a mini of Fame lipgloss, eyeshadow singles of ASAP and Pronto, and a .3 ounce size of Photo Finish primer. It says $12.99 on the website, but who knows what it will go down to?
Smashbox Double Duty Beauty kit-This has a Doubletake lip colour in Apricot, a Speedracer Double Exposure lip/cheek colour, and then a medium size of Crystal lipgloss. Same price as the other Smashbox set.
Smashbox Quick Eyes kit-This has a #30 brush as well as Pronto and ASAP single shadows, also for $12.99.
All ULTA Smoothies (the 3/1’s)-$6.99
ULTA 69-piece beauty blockbuster-$16.99
There are two Essie twin-packs. One of them is a colour one, with Bordeaux and A-List polishes, and the other is a classic (ie French manicure) set with Waltz and Ballet Slippers. They are $6 apiece, so perfect for gifts, stocking stuffers, or just to try some new shades at way, way less than retail.
Revlon Fuschia Ionic Dryer or 1″ straightener-$10
Holiday colour sets from $4.99

Update: I went this morning with my mum, and I came home with just two items: the Bare Minerals face set, and Essie Bright Tights. The sets are an insane value, even as gifts. For me, I needed a face brush and the angled one feels nice. There really aren’t a whole lot of special sales, and the clearance area was abysmal. I avoided getting OPI She’s Golden, but I am so glad I shelled out extra to get Bright Tights.

Also, as far as OPI goes, they had restocked all the holiday shades, except the ULTA exclusives which were fairly sparse (only one of Dreaming of Red). Essie had restocked Mint Candy Apple but I got the second-to-last Bright Tights. Pink Parka and Midnight Cami are definitely on my list, though.

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