VSFS 2009: Pre-Show Thoughts

21 November, 2009

As I have seen the pictures roll in from the latest VSFS, I have some thoughts. Some very definitive thoughts indeed-as in, maybe not do as much of the whole rigamarole? Kidding, of course.

First up, according to a Yahoo News article, is that there are FIVE new Angels-Lindsay (Ellingson), Chanel (Iman), Emanuela (de Paula), Candice (Swanepoel), and Rosie (Huntington-Whiteley). To be honest, I am not surprised by a single one, except, to an extent, Chanel. Emanuela was one of the Biofit faces, Lindsay was one of the Ipex or whatever the relaunch this year was, Candice has done pretty much everything, and Rosie has done stuff for years with the company. Chanel has really gotten in there, too, mostly with Pink but she is someone who can be a hell of a spokesmodel, and she still has all of her high-fashion cred. She will be very interesting to see, if she decides to keep doing the runways or if she drops back to a select few.

I’m not necessarily keen on having so many new Angels at one time, but when you look at it you have Heidi and Adriana, who both recently had kids, as well as Alessandra who is a mum of a little over a year. You also had a few Angels leave, so it’s a case of bringing in new, much younger faces who can really not only, in my eyes, be good spokesmodels (appear on morning shows, etc) but they can bridge the gap between low-brow and high-brow.

Next up is the casting, and it has a lot of similarities to previous years. Probably the one I was most excited about was Tatiana Kovylina-returning to the VSFS after four years. Liu Wen is a surprise, and if I had any Asian model I would much prefer Eugenia (thanks to not only her body type, but also her look). Definitely got a lot of the same girls for Pink. Also very glad to see them reusing Sessilee Lopez. Otherwise, I think it’s a pretty “meh” casting. Nobody besides Tatiana and to an extent, Liu, that is really a “Oooh interesting” pick. It’s more interesting that Izabel and Selita are back, even though they aren’t Angels anymore.

It looks like it’s four, maybe five themes. Of course there is Pink, and then there is one that is a kind of warrior princess, one that is a sort of romantic themed one, ie feathers, lace, faux fur, and then one that is a forest theme. However, I’ve seen what looks like a fifth one because there are acrobats and a ship background, plus a lot of blue. I like how it’s not a ton of stuff, because it can get quite “meh” at times.

The pick of Marisa for the Million Dollar Bra is no surprise whatsoever, in fact I expected that it would be her. Compared with Alessandra, who has been an Angel for longer and been in more shows, publicity things, and ads than you can count, Marisa hasn’t done a ton with VS. However…she has more recognition because of the fact that she’s a former SI cover girl, and has appeared in its pages many a time. Also, the pictures with her wearing the MDB on the runway…her body is INSANE. Not to mention I’m glad they made one in a size that isn’t a 34B, or at least it seems. Some may complain that she isn’t runway material, or she hasn’t paid her dues…but she’s been doing stuff with the company for years, and she probably appeals to more men than Alessandra IMO. A combination of the surfer-girl thing and oh yeah, mens mags.

To me, though, just looking at the pictures it looks like a continuation of previous years. I will tune in just because, but it’s a combination of the shoddy editing, the overtly show-off behaviour (blowing kisses, flailing arms, you name it), and the fact that it shouldn’t be that hard to get some good models in the show-and I’m talking high fashion models-all of that turns me off. I’ve always been anti-smiling on runway, and for VS, they can do it a little, but when it’s like “ZOMG MY LONG LOST SISTER!!!1!!!!111!!” it gets really annoying. That’s why I liked Lara Stone last year-she brought a different spirit to it. It wasn’t “Ooooh, sexy”, it was “Dare and touch me-I’m untouchable”. It was that very “I’m better than you and I know it” air that was, well, downright refreshing.


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