OPI Hong Kong Collection: Spring 2010

17 November, 2009

Well it’s about time that we got some details on the spring collections coming out-and luckily, I have some! Courtesy of Chic Profile, we know that the spring OPI collection, which hits stores in late January-early February, is going to be the Hong Kong collection. And if you are a brights lover, stay tuned. This isn’t like the China Glaze neon collection, but there’s some really good stuff. 12 colours, as is the norm for the spring and fall collections, and two finishes-shimmer and cream.

The colours, as follows:

Bling Dynasty: This is a gold, and it looks to be a slightly-darker version of Cabana Banana. I hope it has the pigmentation of Cabana Banana, because that is amazing.

My Red Fortune Cookie: Your basic red. It looks to be a fairly warm red, but it’s still a basic cream red.

Hot & Spicy: This is definitely a fun one-it’s a coral-pink frosty shade, at least to me. This is a fun one, and sure, I have a ton of OPI pinks already but this deserves a place in my collection.

Dim Sum Plum: This looks to be a really nicely-pigmented purple cream. Base colour-wise, it looks to be a little bit brighter than Purpleopolis, if that’s any good comparison.

Jade Is The New Black: A lot of people loved the Orly Enchanted Forest, but I’m not getting into the Orly polishes, choosing to stick with my OPI, Essie, and now China Glaze. Well this? Gorgeous. A slightly dark true green cream, I definitely think jade when I see this. This is probably going to be one of the bigger sellers in the collection.

Suzi Says Feng Shui: The first thing I think when I see this is denim. This is a true midtone blue cream, and this will sell like crazy as well. Brights are everywhere when it comes to makeup this next spring, because it’s an easy way to make an impact for little dinero.

A Good Man-darin Is Hard To Find: This I may be interested in. It looks to be a tomato red cream, hence the mandarin in the name from it being a warm red. I don’t have as many warm reds, so this may be a good one to buy for me personally. At the same time though…I don’t need many more reds, as of the 69 full-size polishes I currently own 19 are reds.

Lucky Lucky Lavender: This is another one that will sell out. I am actually glad I haven’t bought Done Out in Deco yet, because this is the kind of lavender I want: a true, Easter-egg lavender, not a greyed lavender. More than likely this is a cream finish (I would die for a matte lavender) but still, act fast on this one.

Meet Me On The Star Ferry: This is an unusual one-it’s a dark purple, but it’s got a silver frost to it. This is one that I have to see in real life before making any decision about it, but it will sell well as the vampy colours aren’t going away anytime soon. I would almost say it’s like if you mixed the base colours for DS Jewel and DS Royal together and then added silver frost. Love the look of it.

Pink Panda-ammonium: This looks to be a very lavender-toned pink, and it’s very pastel-so we know the pastel trend from last year is definitely continuing. I think the whole thing with makeup over the next year or so, and this extends to nail polish, is “anything goes”. It’s not a colour I see myself wearing, but it certainly looks interesting. I sure hope it is richly pigmented, though, because I hate all those sheer “French pinks” that some people swear by.

Pearl of Wisdom: To me, this looks like Kyoto Pearl, but warmer. I will take my bottle of Kyoto Pearl with me when I go and buy the collection, but I think for now it’s safe to say that you can skip this if you have the other.

I’m Chop-Sticking To My Story: This is one that I will love-it’s a very neutral orange, I would almost say a terracotta, with frost. It fits in well with this collection, and it could have gone with the Miami collection too. I think this is one that will be a must-have as it looks to be neutral enough to where a lot of people who normally don’t branch too far into colours that aren’t red or pink may want to give this a try.

Again, this will hit your local ULTA, Trade Secret, and other beauty supply stores in February, and they’ll probably retail for $8.50 apiece.


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