OPI Holiday 2009 Exclusives (UPDATED 18 November)

17 November, 2009

So I know it’s been light on the actual makeup content lately, but I’m currently in a huge nail polish frenzy. What can I say, it’s cheap and fun! And as we all know, OPI has released their massive holiday collection. Six reds, six vampy shades and neutrals. However, many of the big beauty stores also get exclusive shades, so it becomes a game of “Spot The Shade”. Beauty Brands, a beauty store in the Southwest, has an exclusive called Pomegranate Me A Wish. Trade Secret has an exclusive called Festive Fuschia. And ULTA? Three exclusives, and I have two of them!

First up, the one I did not get is called Dreaming of Red. If you are like me and have a ton of red polishes, it’s safe to say you can avoid this. This isn’t like China Glaze’s Ruby Pumps-it’s not a super high-glitter polish. At the same time though, it’s got a decent shimmer to it. It’s a fun one to have on hand, though, if you’re the type who only typically does cream polishes but wants something with a little sizzle to it for the holiday party deluge.

Of the ones I did buy, the first one is Visions of Sugarplum. It’s a very dark purple/plum shade, and the closest colour to it, at least in the bottle, is Black Cherry Chutney. This, however, is more of a micro-glitter polish-very, very shimmery. However, after swatching both Black Cherry Chutney and Visions of Sugarplum on a bottle cap (as my fingers currently are polished) they are not even close. Black Cherry Chutney is definitely that-a black cherry colour. It’s like blackened burgundy and the shimmer is very faint. Meanwhile, Visions of Sugarplum is more of a true purple. It’s a lot less subtle, but it’s still a gorgeous colour-and if you find Black Cherry Chutney to be too dark for you, give this a try. I love the microglitter, but then again, I love glittery things.

The other colour is Dazzled by Gold. The one gripe I have about this is that the base is completely sheer-but don’t let that put you off. This is PACKED with gold micro-glitter-my favourite kind, as it looks more grown-up than a lot of the crapola you’ll see cluttering drugstores at this time of year. One coat is a great topcoat for any colour, two or three coats will get you a more opague effect but not totally so. This is definitely a good polish to have on hand, and not just for the holidays, either. I have a feeling this one will sell out based on the fact that it is the micro-glitter-I intend to use this a lot as a topcoat. In fact, after I take a picture of my Shim-Merry Chic nails, I’m putting a coat of this on. Just for kicks.

Now for the Trade Secret exclusive, Festive Fuschia. This is absolutely gorgeous. It looks like a dark red in the bottle, but when swatched on Le Vitamin Water Cap, it definitely goes fuschia, no two ways around it. The shimmer is like that of Visions of Sugarplum. It was slightly sheer on the cap after two coats, however it will be an NOTD of mine soon so I will update with swatches as we go along.

And about the rest of the holiday collection-act fast. Sapphire In The Snow, Merry Midnight, and a lot of the others have already sold out. I bought the very last one of Shim-Merry Chic. Many of the reds, though, aren’t unique enough to me to warrant a buy, no matter how gorgeous Crimson Carol looks.

Now…swatches! These are all two coats on a Vitamin Water cap, and from L-R: Black Cherry Chutney, Visions of Sugarplum, Dazzled by Gold


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