MAC Mischief Makers Now Online

3 November, 2009

Alrighty folks, the minis are here, so it means that Christmas season is officially upon us! (Don’t shoot me) This year, it’s just pigments and glosses, which I think is the best way to go because nobody really cares about Softsparkles or any of that kind of thing. Also the brush canisters? Boring. Who knows, we may see more of them, but don’t count on it.

Anyways, each Lipglass set has tons of LE shades. Instead of it being done by colour family, it’s by colour intensity-so you have soft, deep, and bright. Genius, eh? Each set is $29.50, and it has three Lipglasses and two Lustreglasses.

Sexy Shenanigans: Soft lipglass
Cruise Control-Pastel pink w/white pearl (LE)
Elle-White pink with pearl (Repromote Belle Azure)
Morning Glory-Pale lavender with high-level pearl
Poetic License-Clean coral rose (Repromote Naturally Eccentric)
Ensign-Peachy pink w/white and gold pearl (Repromote Naughty Nauticals)

Models Misbehaving: Deep lipglass
Instant Gold-Shiny light neutral gold
Magnetique-Frosty violet-fuschia (Repromote Rose Romance)
Angel Wing-Deep plum with gold pearl (Previously discontinued)
Pinkular-Bronzed copper (Repromote Patternmaker)
Gitane-Burnt orange-red pearl (Repromote D’Bohemia)

Frisky Business: Bright lipglass
Beaute-Bright clean coral with pearl (LE)
Silly Girl-Pastel peach with multicoloured pearl (Repromote Balloonacy)
Totally It-SHEER (emphasis on the sheer) bright pink with pink pearl (Repromote Fafi)
Wonderstruck-Clean pink coral
Pinkarat-Soft pink with gold pearl

The other part of the collection is the pigment/glitter sets. Each set features four pigments and one Reflects glitter in little vials, perfect for trying out pigments if you never have before, or giving as gifts. They are $32.50 this year.

Haute High-Jinks: Warm pigment
Jardin Aires-Tan with gold pearl (Repromote Heatherette, Colour Forms, and a ton of other collections)
Rushmetal-Rich copper sparkle (Repromote Rushmetal)
Museum Bronze-Rich taupe with gold pearl (Repromote Overrich/Permanent at PRO stores)
Copperized-Olive green with gold pearl (Repromote Rushmetal)
Reflects Gold-White glitter that flashes gold (Permanent at PRO stores)

Sexpot: Smokey pigment
Chocolate Brown-Chocolate copper/bronze
Sunnydaze-Taupe with silver pearl (Repromote She Shines)
Naked-Fleshy beige with gold-copper pearl
Dark Soul-Charcoal black with gold pearl
Reflects Antiqued Gold-Sparkling taupe (Permanent at PRO stores)

Cool Capers: Cool pigment
Fuschia-Bright fuschia pink
Kitschmas-Shimmery pink/mauve pearl
Grape-Deep purple with pink pearl (Discontinued; and if I recall correctly, not eye-safe, however they could have reformulated this one. Who knows)
Deep Blue Green-Rich deep blueish green (Permanent at PRO stores)
Reflects Transparent Teal-White with turquoise reflects

My main complaint with the pigments is that it seems like it’s the same pigments from year to year. No dupes of any of the Warm set pigments, but it doesn’t really seem new or interesting to me. The lipglass sets though? I have to pass on the sole basis of me never touching mine from last year, not to mention the fact that I rarely ever wear gloss anymore. If I got anything, it would be the bright and the deep Lipglass sets. Silly Girl is one of my favourites (that never gets touched anymore, admittedly) and Totally It is nice (for when I do wear gloss).


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