MAC 2009 Holiday Review

3 November, 2009

Again, sorry for not being a dutiful blogger:( I have come down with a nasty case of mono, but fear not: I am back in action! Somewhat.

Today, with some free time, I went to check out the Christmas stuff at the local Freestanding store. This year has had a larger emphasis on gifts, but not only that but bringing in ideas and things that are new, interesting, and sure to pique the interest of many. I am hoping to attend the holiday party that MAC is doing in a couple weeks, so I may pick up some stuff then!

Starting out with the palettes, I felt that the eye palettes, for the most part, were nothing particularly great-with the exception of the one with the purples. You do get less product this time around, sadly, but the packaging to me is also nicer and more streamlined. The lip palettes are pretty blah-nothing to write home about. I certainly don’t see myself needing any of those, especially since it’s more of a “pretty-pretty” sort of look. The face palettes, though, are a great idea. I’ve wanted MAC to do a face palette for a long time, and they delivered. While the more tan one isn’t really special, the Hocus Focus is gorgeous. If you love taking multiple powders along with you, this is a great idea, and one that I am glad MAC came out with.

The brush sets are of a much higher quality. I’ve felt some inconsistencies among some brushes, but to me they seem to be way better than even the Graphic Garden brushes. Are they something that is particularly rush-buy worthy? Not unless you have to travel and you need the little brushes now, because those things typically clog up the CCO. I also like that they put out new themes and then brought in new brushes, and if there’s one brush that can work in multiple sets it’s definitely the 275. Now if they do a set with a 228SE and 231SE, I will be as happy as a clam.

The lip bags this year are a way better concept. Sure, two lipsticks and a mini lipglass is nice. But this one? Way better, because you’re getting the full look with a lipstick, a Dazzleglass, and then a mini lip pencil. While neither of the sets are particularly my cup of tea, they are a good way to go as a gift. The eye bags though? Total self-gift-worthy. They are a pretty good value, with the mini Zoomlash, 209SE, and then a full-size Fluidline and pigment. The Alakazam bag isn’t anything special-the Fluidline is LE while Melon is permanent-but the Naughty Noir has Blacktrack (which everyone needs more of) and then Shimmertime, which I have been wanting for ages. I’m not even waiting for Christmas on this one-I’m getting it ASAP. Maybe at the event.

The MAC-store exclusive this year is a Mineralize set, similar to the Look In A Box from Graphic Garden. For $59.50, you get a Mineralize eyeshadow, a Mineralize blush, and a Mineralize Skinfinish, along with a 181SE. The 181SE, admittedly, is garbage. However, you can always find SOME way to get some use out of it… The pink kit of the two is nice, but to me, bleh. Dainty, sure, it’s nice. But I already have Light Flush and never really touch it, sadly. And as for Love Connection, I don’t see myself ever wearing it. Now the tan kit? That is my thing. Sure, it has Play on Plums, which I admittedly never touch. But it also has Shimpagne (which I have been wanting) and Nuance (which I regret not buying). This is a Christmas list item for sure.

The Kids Helping Kids and Viva Glam stuff are nice as always-I’m definitely getting some KHK cards for this year, and encouraging my mum to do the same.

Finally, I got to take a look at the rest of the main colour collection. The lipsticks are selling well. The Dazzleglasses? Phiff and She-Zam or whatever it’s called are blah, but Jingle Jangle is lovely. I tried it on over Vegas Volt, and well that’s $20 I shouldn’t have spent. Heh. The Softsparkles sold out, as did the lilac Cremesheen glass (I predicted that last one). Everything else though…*crickets*


2 Responses to “MAC 2009 Holiday Review”

  1. Sylvie Says:

    Wow, I thought you’d never do a review like that but I’m glad you did! I’ve been thinking of getting the “eye bag” (I hate the name), just because they offer you a little brush with the fluidline haha (I don’t use pigments at all and I don’t like Zoomlash anymore so I wouldn’t know what to do with the rest of the bag). I’m still primitive- kohl kind of person and I’ve been wanting to create looks with that sleek looking black liner. Thought of getting Penultimate but I’ve been told by many people that it dries out very quickly. By the way, I don’t think Rich Ground is LE, but I might be mistaken because MAC here often has stuff that were supposed to be LE but somehow stayed in the permanent line-up.

    • codekiki Says:

      I still haven’t bought anything besides Jingle-Jangle…I bought the UD Book of Shadows 2 and then a crapload of nail polish. I actually put myself on a no-buy because I bought 10 in two days, but I broke it and bought two. I bought DS Royal, an OPI, and then China Glaze Emerald Sparkle. Emerald Sparkle is a gorgeous green glitter, but DS Royal? Purple base with blue sparkle and duochrome. It’s almost like a peacock.

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