REVIEW: Bourjois Coup de Theatre 2/1 Mascara

26 October, 2009

Alright folks, I believe that what we have here may just be the greatest mascara invented! Of course, tastes are subjective, so what may be a holy grail for one person is an epic FAIL for another. Still though, this is my holy grail!

When I look at a mascara, I look at four main things-the formula, the brush, the effect that it has, and the cost. It’s the easiest way for me to pick out what I want, and leave the junk in the dust.

Formula-The formula on this apparently has little nylon fibers in it, in order to lengthen the lashes. It says length+volume, and it got the length part, that’s for sure. As far as volume? I have full lashes, so it’s hard to tell. It is a fairly thin formula though, so it is delightfully non-clumpy. One coat is all that you need in order to get the perfect lash.

Brush-The brush on this is the sort that I like-instead of it being the spooly, it’s a spikey one with lots of little teeth. Sometimes those sorts of wands can be bad-I’ve seen the Revlon Double Twist one, and that is an epic fail if there ever was one. However this is awesome. It allows you to get every lash because the teeth are not in little rows-they alternate, so that you get a nice coating. No complaints about this brush!Effect-This says “length/volume”, and it definitely got the length part down. I almost think I’m wearing a good pair of fakes! The volume part, with one coat, was harder to tell for me, but with a second coat I definitely got a good amount. It’s not the same as say, BadGal or Diorshow, but at the same time it’s enough for me. It’s not going to look overwhelmingly fake.

Price-This is the one downfall. I typically pay around $12 for a tube of mascara, but this is $18. I’m willing to pay when the product is good, and this is a definite case of that. At the same time though, it is definitely steep, so you may have to forgo a latte or two in order to fit this in.

The other thing that may make it harder to find is the fact that Bourjois isn’t as readily available here in the US anymore-the only store that I know stocks it is ULTA, since Sephora exited it last year. If you have an ULTA nearby though, swing on in and give this a try, because you will definitely love it. At least I think so:)


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