The ULTA Coupon Haul

25 October, 2009

First off, my apologies about the lack of content lately. I haven’t had paychecks coming, and I’ve been working like a fiend at the store-over 45 hours last week. Oy my.

Anywhoo, I got a coupon in the mail for 20% off my entire ULTA purchase. They typically do this right before Halloween, and it’s good because it’s everything except for clearances, fragrance, and then some skincare. Who cares though, you can save on prestige makeup, and I almost prefer this to the Sephora sale because with this, I can just go right in the store, and they have Bourjois, NP, and so forth. Works like a charm! And with a paycheck in the bank-it’s time to celebrate.

First up, I got something I’ve been eyeing for three months: Benefit’s Some Kind-a Gorgeous. It’s a cream-to-powder formula “foundation faker” that is designed to even things out without caking on the foundation. The compact itself is nice-it’s a plastic case designed to look like an old-school record. It is mirrored, and then the actual makeup part lifts up and there’s a sponge hidden underneath for application of the product. I tried it on some spots, and I was impressed-I will do a full review once I can do a full-face test of the product, to see how it works out.

Next up was my second China Glaze-Cherry Pie. (I almost thought it was Ruby Slippers) I haven’t tried it on the nails yet-in fact, I still have polishes from my Trade Secret haul a few weeks ago that I haven’t opened yet. This looks to be a brighter, sparklier version of Friar Friar Pants on Fire (my HG OPI polish) and if the wear on this is anything like Orange Marmalade, I will be a huge fan. This was a clearance buy, so I didn’t save any more, but still? $4 is damn good for a polish.Urban Decay had two things that I picked up. First up, I got the Get Baked kit. It was on sale for $19, and I figured “Why not?”. It has a mini Bourbon liner, along with a vial of Sin UDPP-which I have been waiting to try actually on. The palette itself, honestly, isn’t the most exciting thing, however I do need to have some more neutrals in the collection and this provides them. Not to mention, I also get Flipside, which is absolutely awesome. I can’t wait to get the liner in that colour. The other thing I got was the liner duo. Online, they had a fun thing where you could get full-sizes of the Stage Dive HM liner and Covet 24/7 for $24-well, take $10 off that. Yes, I got the two for $14. I’ve been wanting both, so getting them for less than the price of one with my discount is amazing. I will have reviews later, but it’s a darned good deal that won’t last long.

I picked another can of Root Pump Plus up, because I love that stuff and for $6, it’s a great deal. They were out of the Spray/Play Harder that I wanted, but no biggie, the other one close to me might have it. Or not. Who knows.

Finally, I picked up what is my new holy grail mascara, the Bourjois Coup de Theatre 2/1. I will be devoting a review to this one as well, because it is amazing. It’s pricey, yes, but oh man, worth every penny. I can’t stop staring at my lashes.

Also, Friday I picked up a few fun things at TJ Maxx. First up, I picked up yet another Essie-Formal Affair. It’s a gorgeous red that is so shiny it’s almost metallic. Haven’t dipped into that one yet, although I was so tempted to do so, believe me. (It’ll be a week or so before I allow myself into there) I also picked up my second Incanto-this time, it’s Incanto Charms. It was $20, just as Heaven was, and it’s just as gorgeous. The boyfriend loves it, which is all that matters:) In fact, first spritz was for him.

The last item I got, for $29, was a pair of Ed Hardy flats. I’d seen them for months, and they were $50. Well when I went to get new shoes for my job, they got marked down to $39-and Friday, $29 for the exact pair I wanted. I didn’t want skulls or anything, I just love the geisha print-and they had them in my size. They blister my feet like crazy but that’s part of breaking in new shoes, I suppose.

Finally, I have a tiara obsession, but I hadn’t bought a tiara in nearly two years. Well, I got one that will make up for last year, and I got it from my store! (It was the very last one of that style) My boyfriend and I dressed up as king and queen, and I needed a crown that would work. I absolutely love how some of our crowns have a curved band, so they sit more naturally on the head-and if they don’t have combs, all the better because I can then pin them in myself. This one I especially loved because it made an impact, but didn’t have a ton of crystals or metal. It looked very regal and yet whimsical at the same time. It’s the sort of thing that somebody who is good with jewelry could very easily make-in fact, I would love to have my mum make me some of these in other colours or designs. It’s almost like a flower garden:)

Now, for the pictures!




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