MAC Magic, Mirth, Mischief Now Online!

13 October, 2009

Alrighty, I first am going to talk about the Colour Collection. I reviewed the first part of it last week, however I will go down fairly soon to review the rest of it!

Mineralize Eyeshadows: These are a metallic glitter crescent shade along with the moon being a mono of a colour. These retail for $19.50 apiece.
Blue Sorcery-Bright turquoise with silver crescent (This is the best of the bunch)
Mayhem-Dirty browned gold with silver crescent
Midnight Madness-Dirty grey-brown with gold crescent
It’s A Miracle-Deep cool-toned burgundy with gold crescent
Devil-May-Care-Light violet with silver crescent
Under Your Spell-Light yellow-peach pink with copper crescent

Lipstick: I tried these and all of them are worth buying. Pervette is skippable since it’s permanent, but the others are quite nice.
Pervette-Soft bright pink with violet-opal shimmer (Glaze)
Surprise Me-Midtone peach (Lustre)
Total Wow!-Cool-toned berry pink (Glaze)
Utter Fun-Fuschia cherry-pink (Lustre)

Cremesheen Glass: This has the creamy aspect of the Cremesheen lipsticks with the shine of a Lipglass. They’re $18 each, and all of these are repromotes.
Ever So Rich-Sheer lilac
Boy Bait-Light neutral beige with pearl
Partial Pink-Light creamy yellow-pink with light gold pearlDazzleglass: All these retail for $18. Didn’t get an opinion on them, although I’ve heard two words: “SKIP IT”.
She-Zam-Light silver with silver/red pearl
Phiff!-Sheer yellow peach
Jingle-Jangle-Yellow pink with sapphire pearl

Softsparkle Eye Pencil: These are a pencil liner with plenty of micro-glitter-thus, they are not waterline safe. They are $14.50 apiece.
Nightsky-True black with silver pearl
Iris Accents-Pale violet with silver pearl

Mineralize Blush: These are the highlight of the collection bar none. Both of them are fairly universally wearable, and that’s one nice thing about the Mineralize stuff-wearability. These are $21 apiece.
Superdupernatural-Midtone coral
Conjure Up-Dirty midtone plum

Nail Polish: These are $12 apiece.
$$$$$ Yes-Metallic silver foil (Frost, repromote from Heatherette)
Lucky Number-Metallic blue-pink (Frost)

Pro Lash is the mascara of choice included in this one.


2 Responses to “MAC Magic, Mirth, Mischief Now Online!”

  1. tokyostargirl Says:

    Thanks for the review! I’ll have to add a few of these to my list for my next MAC trip.

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