MAC Holiday 2009: Lip/Eye/Brush Bags

13 October, 2009

In years past, MAC has done lip bags-two lipsticks, and a promo-sized Lipglass. Fun, but not always my cup of tea. This year, it’s different-and we have eye bags, too! All of them retail for $36 apiece. Also the brush bags are back, and from what I have felt these are way better than Hello Kitty, last year’s holiday brushes, and Graphic Garden.

The lip bags are a lipstick, a lipglass, and then a promotional-sized lip pencil. These are NOT in special packaging; they are normal. The only thing is that the bottom sticker says “NOT FOR INDIVIDUAL SALE” and there is the little cute bag for them.

House of Mirth: Deep Lips
Fantasia-Deep rose (Lustre; lipstick)
Get Rich Quick-Warm yellow brown (Dazzleglass)
Cedar-Soft muted pinkish-beige (Lip Pencil)

Put A Spell On You: Pink Lips
Dream-Dirty pink with intense pearl (Glaze; Lipstick)
Baby Sparks-Pale pink with violet pearl (Dazzleglass)
Dervish-Low-key mauve (Lip Pencil)

Eye Bags: Each one of these has a full-size Fluidline, a full-size Pigment, a mini Zoomlash, and a 209 SE.

Naughty Noir:
Shimmertime-Pale peachy shimmer (Pigment; repromote from She Shines)
Blacktrack-Solid flat black (Fluidline; permanent)

Melon-Reddened cocoa with frost (Pigment; permanent)
Rich Ground-Soft bright golden peach (Fluidline; permanent)

Brush bags: Each bag has five of the SE brushes. These are NOT in any sort of special colouring; they’re black with silver ferrules and writing. Nice and basic! Each brush bag is $49.50.

Morning, Noon, and Knight: Eye Brushes
194SE-Concealer/cream shadows
204SE-Brow/lash grooming
266SE-Eyeliner/brow colour
275SE-Shadow application/blending

Do-The-Trick: Buff and Line set
187SE-“Skunk Brush”-foundation/all-over powder
209SE-Eyeliner (thin pen tip)
219 SE-Eyeliner (fat pencil/crayon tip)
252SE-All-over eye wash/can be used for facial contouring as well

Wave of a Wand: Sweep/Define brushes
129SE-Blush/facial powder
212SE-Eyeliner (flat/wide tip, for lower lining)
227SE-Large fluff (for all-over washes, as well as cheek contouring)
275SE-Shadow application/blending


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