MAC 2009 Holiday Palettes

13 October, 2009

These are not techincally for sale online yet, however they are online for you to take a gander at! I saw these, and personally, the only one I really am going for is one of the face kits. However, there’s 8 things for you to choose from this year!

Lip Palettes: $22.50 apiece. Each one has a Lipglass and then a coordinating pair of lipsticks, with a handy mini (and I mean mini) 316 for on-the-go application.
Possessed by Pink!: (pinks)
Sweet Smile-Glossy midtone pink with pearl (Gloss)
Laugh A Lot-Creamy midtone blue pink (Lustre)
Tickled-Dark plum (Lustre)

Heavenly Dish: (neutrals)
Barely Visible-Glossy pale nude with pearl (Gloss)
Floating Lightly-Pale neutral pink beige (Lustre)
Heavenly Dish-Sheer neutral midtone pink (Satin)

Eye Palettes: Each one has six square shadows along with a mini 213 SE. They retail for $36, and you have four to choose from.
Devil May Dare: Warm shadows
Oh My Darling-Pale frosty cream (frost)
Dare Ya!-Light frosty peach-pink (Veluxe Pearl)
Sorcery-Blackened burgundy (satin)
Gold Tease-Frosty midtone gold (Frost)
Prankster-Midtone frosted olive (Veluxe Pearl) Note: This is not the same one in the Fafi Eyes 2.
Devilishly Dark-Rich brown with gold pearl (frost)

Mystic: Cool shadows
Cool Incantation-Opalescent white gold (frost)
Blue Enchantment-Dark frosted turquoise (Satin)
Deep Secret-Deep frosted indigo (frost)
Shhh, Don’t Tell-Pale neutral pink (satin)
Rose Potion-Midtone frosted rose (Veluxe Pearl)
Violet Vow-Deep cool brown (Satin)

Smoke & Mirrors: Smokey eye
Fire In Her Eyes-Frosty neutral beige (Frost)
Wide-Eyed Wonder-Frosty midtone grey taupe (Frost)
Black Magique-Black with gold pearl (Veluxe)
Spell No. 9-Soft muted pink beige (Satin)
Deception-Frosty gold brown (Frost)
Smoke & Mirrors-Dark chocolate brown (Satin)

White Rabbit-Frosted soft white (Frost)
Hold My Gaze-Midtone cool green-grey (Satin)
Edge of Dark-Charcoal with silver pearl (Lustre)
Magnetized-Frosted pale lavender (Veluxe Pearl)
Hypnotizing-Frosted grey mauve (Frost)
Altered State-Deep frosted blue purple (Veluxe Pearl)

Face Kits: Each one of these has two equal-sized pans of a face colour-but wait! It slides and underneath, you have a slightly-larger pan of a Beauty Powder or bronzer! Each one is $38.
Fab-Racadabra: Bronze
Golden Bronze-Muted tan with gold pearl (Bronzing powder)
Buffed & Polished-Frosty bronze gold (Iridescent Pressed Powder)
Sunbasque-Gilded peach with pearl (Sheertone Shimmer blush)

Hocus Focus: Colourful
Sunsparked Pearl-Frosty warm beige with pearl (Beauty Powder)
Pretty Baby-Soft baby pink (Beauty Powder, and my most-used product that isn’t Show Orchid)
Peachykeen-Midtone peach with pearl (Sheertone Shimmer blush)


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