The Rock & Republic Haul

8 October, 2009

So you know how yesterday, I was able to haul a lot of stuff for not much money? Well, I defeated that purpose and bought TWO full-price Rock & Republic products today. There were three reasons. First, I wanted them. Second, the line is indeed going out of business. Finally, it was an excuse for me to get out of the house. I know that when I primarily stay home, I sleep worse and I am bored a lot more easily.

So off I went to the mall way south of me, and it turns out? They were the only Nordstrom in the state that had them. Can you say “SCORE?” The products themselves, yes, are way high priced, BUT…they are huge. Think blushes the size of coasters. The gel liners are big-nearly everything is big, so it deadens some of the blow from the high price. Of course, paying $225 for a bronzer/highlighter duo isn’t the most sensible or feasible, but a) it has Swarovski crystals, b) you can refill it (once I get a job, this may be on my list of things to buy, along with a couple refills), and c) you get a free brush. Granted, those are little things.

And the packaging that they actually come in? Instead of a boring ol’ cardboard box, you get what looks like a black jewelry box, except it pulls off instead of having a hinge. There’s a little spot for your product as well so it doesn’t move around. When I am spending THAT sort of money for a product, though, there had better be some damned good outer packaging, and in this, R&R absolutely delivers.




Just for comparison, here is how big a R&R shadow is, compared to a MAC:


As you can see, the R&R is bigger-double the fill weight, to be exact.The actual packaging of the product, in all honesty, is a good part of why this is so pricey. This ain’t plastic-this is metal. The top has a black disk with a raised R&R logo, and the eyeshadow compacts all have a mirror-a very handy detail. This packaging ain’t cheap, and rightfully so.

Now onto the actual products that I bought!

Scorch eyeshadow was the one I ended up with, although Jaded was really calling my name, honestly. It’s a nice, burnt orange, and it’s richly pigmented. One of my gripes about orange shadows is that when I am doing my pink/yellow looks, they just seem to get blended away, and I want a distinct orange. When I put it on over what I was already wearing, it wasn’t AS bright as I would prefer, but it definitely had the impact that I want. It swatches a little thinly on the hand, but it makes up for that in spades with the application on the lid. This is one where you need a little bit of a fluff brush, but that shouldn’t be a problem for any of you.


The other item I bought was Mental, one of their “Bound” gel eyeliners. You really get a lot in the package! The colour itself looks to be a nice navy blue, but once you actually get your brush in there? Blue reflects. In short, absolute yum. It’s very creamy and with my MAC 210 brush, I get a nice, thin line. Staying power? Haven’t tested it yet on the eye (besides last night, to practice winged eyeliner) but I will be today. There is a small but decent range of shades to try, and many of them do have reflects in there for a little bit o’ fun.


And finally, swatches!


Finally, because this line is going out of business, Neiman Marcus has the products for 40% off retail on their website-but do you only have Nordstrom? No worries! They do price matching, at least from what I heard.


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