MAC Magic, Mirth, Mischief Review, Part 1-With Swatches

7 October, 2009

This also contains a couple Dsquared2 swatches, for your viewing pleasure:)

Today, I went down to a mall a good, oh, hour south of me, and saw that a girl who worked at the MAC counter at the mall I used to work at is now working down there-and they had the new stuff in beakers! Thankfully, she let me use a 239 and get a few swatches. I did not have time to swatch the Softsparkles or Dazzleglasses/Cremesheen Glasses, so no review on those, but for everything else besides polishes? Review AND swatches.

First up, let us talk about the Mineralize eyeshadows-you know how the trios from last year had a chunky glittery stripe? This year it’s a crescent! Woo! Pretend like it does not exist, though. It’s like Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, but even worse because this is just glitter. If you look past the glitter, however, there are two that are ALMOST at must-have status-Sorcery and Devil May Care. For the most part, though, application of the mono part was very spotty. Oh, if they only had some with tiny crescents!

Blue Sorcery is a light turquoise with a silver crescent. I found that the mono part applied beautifully and smoothly. Sheer? A little bit. This is one of the standouts though of the collection, although if you want this sort of colour in better form Painkiller from the UD Show Pony Box is infinitely better.

Devil May Care is a light violet with a silver crescent, and it is gorgeous. If you want a nice, light purple with a lot of frost, this is it. It’s the kind of colour that goes well with a lot of the different looks that I do, although to me it isn’t exactly rush buy-worthy.

Under Your Spell is decent, but nothing to really write home about. It’s a light yellow-pink for the mono, along with copper glitter, which is to be avoided unless you have a base tackier than UDPP.

Mayhem is decent, too-it’s a brown-toned gold with a silver crescent. It’s not the most pigmented, but it’s still nice. You will want a base with this, as you will with all of them (I recommend Shell CCB).

It’s a Miracle is nothing really to write home about, either. Sure, a “blue-burgundy” is nice…on paper. But really, you’re best saving your money with this. Midnight Madness is the exact same way, although this one is a brown. These are so skippable, you have no idea. Onto the lipsticks!

Pervette is an option in the permanent line, and it is a gorgeous light pink frost. It is not the kind of colour I particularly need, but it fits in well with the whole fairy-tale theme that this collection has taken on.

Surprise Me is a lustre, and I found it to be a lustre version of Vegas Volt-exact same base colour and everything. I did not have VV with me in order to comparison-swatch, but they are definitely similar. If the brightness of VV threw you off, this is a way to try it with less risk and impact.

Total Wow! looks to be a lustre too (I didn’t read the label) and I find it to be a gorgeous everyday colour. Not for me, because my everyday is Show Orchid, but it’s a great berry-pink.

Utter Fun is the standout, bar none. It’s a cherry-pink (very pink-toned red) lustre (there was no label), and it’s great for a “just-bitten” look, or for somebody who wants to ease into reds without going directly to Kanga-Rouge and not passing Go.

In this collection though, the clear winners are the blushes-like last year. Su Perdu Pernatural is a neutral coral, and I do love my corals/orangey blushes. It’s very pigmented, but it’s not overly bright. This is totally rush buy-worthy. Conjure Up, meanwhile, is more of a plum, and plums are a good option for someone who doesn’t want a red or a pink, but wants a little colour to warm the face and contour. This isn’t as rush buy-worthy-but SPP is say, an 8 and Conjure Up is a 7.

Of the polishes, Lucky Number is gorgeous. It’s a very metallic light blue-toned pink, so one that could work for anyone, for all seasons. $$$$$ Yes has been repromoted for the umpteenth time, so at least if this was a holy grail for you, you wouldn’t miss out!

Now, like promised-swatches!


Shadows (drawn with lines so that you can easily tell where one ends and another begins): Blue Sorcery, Devil May Care, Under Your Spell, Mayhem, It’s A Miracle, Midnight Madness


Mayhem, It’s A Miracle, Midnight Madness


Blue Sorcery, Devil May Care, Under Your Spell, Mayhem


Su Perdu Pernatural, Conjure Up


Top: Pervette, Surprise Me
Bottom: V (Greasepaint Stick), B (Greasepaint Stick), Blood Red, Nude Rose, Total Wow!, Utter Fun


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